Vehicle Carrying Skverer Rebbe Involved in Fatal MVA on Route 6


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A vehicle carrying the Skverer Rebbe was involved in serious MVA on Monday evening on Route 6, a highway connecting Monsey and Kiryas Joel. Hatzolah was at the scene treating multiple victims, with one of them pronounced deceased at the scene.

The Rebbe was b”h not injured in the collision and was taken from the scene in another vehicle and returned safely back to New Square, where he was mesader kiddushin at a wedding a short while later.

Chevra Kadisha services were not needed in this tragic incident.

State police visited the home of the Rebbe on Monday night as they continue investigating the crash.

This story was first reported by The Monsey Scoop.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It appears that the major impact was on the front driver’s side. The Rebbe was very lucky……accidents like this can often be fatal to the occupants in the rear seats.

  2. The rebbe and a few cars were on the way back from Simcha in kj, a car lost control swerved into their lane and boom, unfortunately that driver died ,rebbe swapped into next car and left.. state police are now by rebbe house to write report

  3. @fakenews:
    Of course there’s a flashing red light.
    Has anyone seen a NY Rebbe motorcade that DID NOT have flashing lights and travel at high speed, including through intersections?

  4. it’s a sign. Vote Republican, flashing red lights on a Rebbe’s car is wrong. Democrats/ garbage allow this nonsense. LEE ZELDIN all the way.

  5. @ meir g from what is being said, the car behind the rebbe turned on his red light to clear the road for the rebbe, went over the double yellow and caused the oncoming car to swerve to avoid him and hit the rebbehs car, from what is being said the driver with red light will be charged with Vehicular manslaughter or reckless endangerment.

  6. Anyone remember in the early 70’s or late 60’s when the Rebbetzin was in an accident l”a and was hospitalized on Rosh Hashanah ?

  7. NEW YORK STATE POLICE, Major Paul M. DeQuarto, Troop F Commander, PRESS RELEASE:

    On August 15, 2022, at approximately 8:23 p.m. state police responded to U.S. Route 6 in the town of Woodbury for a report of a three-car collision with entrapment and serious injuries. Initial investigation revealed that a 2021 Ford Explorer was traveling east on US Route 6 when the operator of the vehicle, later identified as Chaim Gordon, age 24 from Spring Valley, NY, attempted to pass a Cadillac in front of him and crossed over the double yellow line and entered the opposite lane striking a 2003 Nissan X-Terra head-on. The Ford Explorer then crossed back over striking the Cadillac, he was attempting to pass. The operator of the Nissan was pronounced deceased at the scene. Chaim Gordon was transported to Nyack Hospital for minor injuries. Two passengers in the Ford, Yakov Gordon, age 22 and Mordchi Fromowitz, age 18, were transported to Nyack hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Additional passengers in the Ford, Levi Szwerin, age 22 and Duvid Grunwald, age 20 were transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment and later released. The occupants of the Cadillac, including Rabbi David Twersky, age 81 of New Square were not injured. State Police were assisted by the Town of Woodbury Police Department.

    This is an ongoing investigation with charges pending.

  8. To long island Yid:
    Thank you for the info.
    I am wondering why was Chaim in such a rush? Where was he going to? Why was he in such a panic rush? Was there a lady in the car about to give birth?
    Was he on the way to sign a 25 million dollar business deal?