Feds Grab $21.6M in Counterfeits Before Super Bowl


sbFederal authorities and the NFL say they have seized $21.6 million worth of fake Super Bowl jerseys, hats and other items in a counterfeit goods crackdown.

The seizure was announced Thursday at a Manhattan news conference.

Authorities say most of the knockoffs were manufactured overseas. They say once the makers learned the Broncos and Seahawks made the Super Bowl, they rushed to make the goods with the teams’ logos. Then the goods were smuggled into the U.S. using overnight shipping.

Authorities say buyers only get about a 10 percent price break and wind up with poor quality fake goods. They also say the losses caused by the counterfeiting drive up the price of legitimate goods.



  1. Somehow it is hard to be sympathetic for the thought that the NFL is someone losing out by people buying fan gear from someone other than the NFL, and perhaps one wonders what the police might do with all the time they need to prosecute the matter.

  2. BTW, dont know f anybody posted yet. Maariv Sunday nite at Super Bowl – Minyan meets at Gate D on the lower level at Halftime by the Kosher food stand