LIBS FUME: Additional Buses Packed with Migrants Arrive in NYC – And More Are Coming

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Two more buses filled with migrants who illegally entered Texas arrived in New York City on Sunday morning, following the arrival of six buses on Saturday and additional buses expected later in the day.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bused more than 2,500 migrants to New York City since August 5th, more than 8,000 migrants to Washington, D.C., and more than 600 to Chicago – all cities which have been declared sanctuaries for illegals by their Democratic leaders.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams continues to complain about the moves, saying that “rogue” governors are causing a humanitarian crisis in his city and attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, whose leaders had previously bent over backwards insisting they support sanctuary policies – until migrants actually showed up.

There are currently more than 8,000 illegal immigrants in New York City’s shelter system, with thousands more having already been moved elsewhere.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. saying that “rogue” governors are causing a humanitarian crisis in his city Such a stupid dumb fool, Eric Adams, who doesn’t comprehend reality:- This crisis was solely caused by sleepy joe & kamala harris, and has so absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Gregg Abott nor Ron de Santis

  2. Very simple aitza for this affermative action Mayor. Let him officially end his illegal Sanctuary City. Let him close his City to all illegal criminals breaking into this country.

  3. Good. This might be the only way to end the insanity of the government-endorsed illegal invasion of our great and blessed country. Two million since Biden took office. TWO MILLION.
    The Democrats must finally admit that a nation is as entitled to borders and security as a homeowner is entitled to a fence and alarm system.
    This has to end.

  4. Good. Keep them coming. It’s still only a tiny fraction of what border towns are suffering, and these evil mayors and governors expect them to just put up with it in silence, but when they get a tiny taste of it they scream. Let them scream and let them suffer and let their systems collapse until they support closing the border, and they stop their “sanctuary” nonsense.

  5. This is a totally ridiculous headline and article.
    The LIBS are not fuming because there are migrants in NY.
    President Biden and Kamala Harris are not upset because there are migrants in their neighborhood.

    The US and NYC , which is a sanctuary city , will gladly take and support with housing, clothing , food, jobs and healthcare as many migrants as come here. The Federal Government and the the NGO’s have enough money to help these refugees.

    They are fuming because the 2 Wicked, Wicked Rulers of Sedom and Amora named Abbot and DeSantis (who I will now refer to as Bera and Birsha), did not coordinate the arrival of these men, women and children.
    They tricked and lied to these people into coming to NY, Martha’s Vineyard, and Washington DC with promises of jobs and housing and food.
    They sent them without proper medical care or food.
    They dropped them off in the middle of nowhere without anybody knowing they were arriving.
    They paid at least 1/2 a millions dollars to send them when they could have used the money to actually help these people instead of treating them worse then dogs.
    The migrants are already in the immigration system and need to show up in courts in the US for their cases. They are now guaranteed to miss their court dates which is a strike against them.

    I would have zero mercy on these 2 Sedom Leaders except I am a ainekle of Avrohom Aveinu who had mercy on their Grandparents. These 2 are reincarnations of Bera and Birsha. I am sure if Avrohom Aveinu was alive today he would be giving speeches in Texas and Florida castigating both of these Reshaim.