Rubio: No Other Country Would Tolerate Illegal Immigrants Pouring Through Their Border [SEE THE VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Marco Rubio blasted a lawsuit filed by some of the migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard earlier this week against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the migrants were flown from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard under false pretenses and lured onto the planes with fake promises that violated their 4th and 14th Amendment rights.

“Think about this, okay? People came into this country illegally, okay,” Rubio began when asked for comment. “And the first thing they do is get lawyers, and use our laws to sue an elected governor, to sue a state. Think about that! They just got here! They’re not even here legally.”

“They didn’t enter the country the proper way, and they’re immediately in court, demanding rights and claims under our laws! This is outrageous,” he said.

“What other country in the world would even tolerate that? So I think this is — this is not immigration, what we’re seeing. This is mass migration. That’s a very different thing. But to think about the fact that somebody just came here illegally, and within a week, they are in court and they have lawyers representing them in court, suing the American government whose laws they just violated is just unbelievable. It angers me, and it should anger everybody.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How many Jews from Europe snuck into Palestine breaking the local laws? Before and during WW2. Many ships unloaded illegal immigrants at night who swam onto the shores and were met by Jews who snuck them past the police. Desperate people, with no choices resort to desperate actions. We scream about our own pain and demand action when we are in need. Perhaps we could show some compassion for others who are walking in our footsteps but don’t share our skin color or religion.

  2. Little Marco must go. In 2013 he worked with Chuck Schumer and sponsored a bipartisan immigration reform bill. Now he just parrots MAGA talking points.

    Little Marco talks tough about Venezuela and Cuba and how democracy is important, but he won’t commit to accepting election results if he loses.

    Little Marco talks all about the bible and religion but stays quiet when DeSantis uses asylum seekers legally in the US as props for a political stunt.

    Trump was right about one thing Marc Rubio is a small man and not a great leader. It’s time for change. Marco must go!

  3. markjw,

    Please publish your home address so the desperate migrants can move in with you. Or are you really just another loudmouthed hypocritical Karen?

  4. @markjw You cannot compare people whose lives are at stake because their host country will gas them and these asylum seekers. And btw, the same United States which didn’t let Jews in during WWII, and therefore has much Jewish blood on its hands, is now opening the border wide to these people who are coming strictly for handouts. Rubio is a zillion percent correct. No Jew who came over from Europe during WWII would have the chutzpah to sue the government because they don’t like where they were settled.

  5. Markjw…

    What a lame comparison.

    As one of the other commentators wrote: Our ancestors were escaping with their lives.

    Or have you forgotten.

    Wait. Let me get my 97 year old grandmother – who was in Auschwitz for 3 years – on the line. Perhaps she could shed some light on this topic.

  6. markjw, thanks for that analogy. It makes it so much easier to spot the disingenuous, ignorant commenters when they compare people escaping Central and South America to Jews escaping the Nazis ysh”vz.

  7. Danp359,

    Please also feel free to publish your home address so the desperate migrants can move in with you. Or are you really just another loudmouthed hypocritical Karen?

  8. “coming strictly for handouts”

    You have no clue how horrible the Venezuela regime is. Back in 1940 there were Americans who denied that the Nazis were really as bad as they themselves claimed. Maduro is right up there with the Iranian rashaim but apparently it is okay to persecute Jews if a Republican politician benefits. Just like 1940.

  9. “ignorant commenters when they compare people escaping Central and South America to Jews escaping the Nazis ysh”vz.”

    It is folks like you who are the ignorant ones. Guatemala has already HAD a genocide and the proportion of the targeted people murdered was similar to that of the Shoah. And the murders continue. El Salvador had a bloody civil war with a huge death toll. Honduras has had rampant bloodshed at the hands of it’s police. Nicaragua is run by a horrible Marxist. And Venezuela is now one of the world leaders in anti-Semitic persecutions.

  10. That’s true. At present, these are people fleeing radical socialist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela, which are hostile to the USA, and allied with Russia and China, against the USA. Remember that the US and Britain made a point of denying refugees fleeing their enemies (Germany in that case) in the 1930s and 1940s. Better for the US to have high inflation due to a labor shortage than to admit hard working and usually well educated, who will gladly support America against its foreign enemies (Russia and China, with whom we are fairly close to going to war).

  11. Rubio’s family has a long history of illegal immigration, his maternal grandfather was ordered deported, Rubio frequently lied about his family fleeing Castro, they left during the Bautista regime and returned to Cuba several times while Castro was in power.

    Asylum seekers from Venezuela are not illegal immigrants.

  12. Amil Zola: Even refugees from Cuba and Venezuela are illegal immigrants if they enter the United States prior to be granted asylum. That didn’t used to be the case but Obama and Trump changed that (for different reasons, but the impact was the same).

    The bottom line is that since many if not most of those showing up at the border asking for asylum are refugees from political oppression in countries the United States is hostile towards (rather than basing asylum claims on such matters as high crime rates, excessive poverty or claims based on gender or sexual orientation), we are getting much more employable and assimilatable refugees than previously.