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WATCH: They Marked The Chareidi Car With A Laser And Attacked The Family

On Chol Hamoed Sukkos, violent Arab riots broke out in Jerusalem, including the Beit Hanina area.

A number of Arabs from Beit Hanina threw stones at passing cars while blocking the road with garbage cans and wooden pallets. At one point, one of the Arabs signaled to the others with a laser pointer toward a car of a Chareidi family that was advancing toward them.

The Arabs attacked the car and its occupants – parents, a baby and two toddlers – with severe violence, hurling a volley of stones at the car and chasing after it. Fortunately, the driver managed to escape the scene but the car was damaged and a female passenger was slightly injured.

Large police forces were called to the scene and dispersed the riot with riot dispersal methods, and at the same time began investigating the case, which was assigned to the central unit in the Jerusalem district.

After various investigative actions carried out by the police, the detectives of the Jerusalem Police District arrested eight suspects in the attack, all 16-17-old residents of Beit Hanina.

The detention of the suspects was extended and in the course of their investigation, it became clear that they wanted to intentionally harm police forces or Jews. On Tuesday, with the conclusion of the police investigation, prosecutorial statements were submitted to the court on behalf of the prosecution. Also, the detention of the suspects was extended for three days, and in the coming days, they are expected to be charged for their serious actions that could have led to significant harm to human life.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. .דער אייבישטער זאל אונז העלפן אינגאנצן אויסמעקן אלע רשעים און שונאי ישראל פון דעם וועלט

    !! מוות לערבים

  2. Israeli police are great at beating up religious protesters, but when the Arabs riot, they are nowhere close by. The seem to be afraid to shooting to kill Arab rioters who wish to murder Jews.

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