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ANOTHER HUGE ENDORSEMENT: Leading Rabbanim Release Kol Koreh Urging New York Jews to Vote for Lee Zeldin, Mike Lawler

In an unusual kol koreh from some of the most prominent rabbanim in New York, Jews across the state are being urged to support and vote for gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin and NY-17 candidate Mike Lawler, both of whom are locked in tight races with their incumbent Democratic opponents.

The kol koreh, signed by Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlit”a, Harav Refoel Schorr shlit”a, and Harav Chaim Flohr shlit”a, warns that “the pure chinuch of the tinokos shel bais rabban… is now in jeopardy.”

“The New York State government has now declared itself in charge of, and responsible for, the education of our precious sons and daughters. This situation, in and of itself, is a tremendous danger to the chinuch of our children, and who knows where this will end,” the letter states.

The rabbanim write that the new “substantial equivalency” standards would force yeshivos to teach additional secular studies, leaving less time for limudei kodesh and potentially foisting kefirah on youngsters.

The kol koreh says that rabbanim have met with the candidates and “among those in the running are some who are against these decrees.”

“Consequently, we have concluded that we must do everything in our power to enable these candidates to come into the government as the future leaders of our state,” the rabbanim write. “We therefore ask every single one of us to turn out and vote for Lee Zeldin for Governor and Mike Lawler for Congress.”

“Both of these candidates have come out publicly and strongly against these blasphemous abominations, as well as the media that encourages them, by promising to rescind anything that would touch our original, pure chinuch.”

This major endorsement comes just hours after the Flatbush Jewish community and its leading rabbanim also threw their support behind Zeldin.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So sad how the good people of our community are being mislead by the so called “askanim” time and again. The Governor is not the king of NY he has absolutely no control over the education issue. This has gone through the courts and the board of regents has issued its regulations. The governor has no power in this. This is just partisan politics they are trying to use this issue to the Republicans advantage. But by the Rabanim publicly coming out like this they are risking the wrath of the Hochul if she wins. This is not Israel the Rabanim should stay out of politics!

  2. It is most interesting to note, that Agudah hasn’t come out in favor of Lee Zeldin, because clearly they are way more interested in going to ligation against the Department of Education, and probably financially supporting some attorneys with a huge court case, which still won’t succeed.

  3. What does a US Congressman have to do with the NY State Board of Regents? Can someone please explain how electing Mike Lawler would have any effect on the issues facing Yeshiva education?

  4. The Agudah has the experience and the know how when it comes to shtadlanus for the klal. I don’t think they ever came out with an indorsement of one political candidate over another. This is just common sense why should we risk having the government doors shut in our face, why should we gamble and make political enemies? In fact even if Zeldin wins coming out so publicly and indorsing him is still a bad move because the Democrats still control almost everything in NY so its a lose- lose situation, If Hochul wins we lose, and even if Zeldin wins we still lose. The only way to fight this is through litigation.
    I believe they do have a chance to overturn the entire NY law that require equivalence to public school education because that is against Chasidic tradition. Chasidic tradition for hundreds of years has been to shun all forms of secular education.

  5. 147 if my memory serves me right they succeeded in their last court case against the state education dept so why wud this time be any different. is your real name Charlie I spew nonsense Hall

  6. @bigchoosid Sad to hear that your I’ll informed what a governor can or can’t do. The minimum that she can do was to raise her opinion regarding the Hasidic education and let the board member of regents know where she’s standing on this issue. Had the board of Regents gotten some level of support from the upper government I guarantee the results wouldn’t have been the same.

    Furthermore you state the Rabanim publicly coming out like this they are risking the wrath of the Hochul if she wins. What Risk? Is Judaism all about Money? Are you serious?

    Money is the last thing that should talk to the Rebbes, Sadly these Chasidisher Rebes are all into this money situation but has forgotten what the purpose of the money was for to teach our children the chinuch the way we choose and not what the government chooses.

  7. @bigchoosid: “But by the Rabanim publicly coming out like this they are risking the wrath of the Hochul if she wins. This is not Israel the Rabanim should stay out of politics”!

    Wrong, there’s nothing to lose here. What if Zeldin wins (he certainly has a fighting chance at this point), then what of his “wrath”? It goes both ways, might as well pick the better one.
    Also, Hochul may very well have the opposite of wrath. Sometimes politicians reach out to communities that voted against them because they feel threatened for the next election.

    Maybe it is time to stop questioning our Rabbanim and Roshei Yeshiva….. they have a status of eini haeidah and are way smarter than any of us and they have the siyata dishmaya and responsibility to guide Kllal Yisroel. we have to daven for them and daven Hashem should guide them, but we have a chiyuv to accept, follow and not undermine by questioning. We need to believe that they know much more and wisely don’t share all details of their compelling logic, but undoubtedly they are shllucha drachmana and we are amcha Yidden who need to to be mekabail their advice and guidance. Emunas CHachamim is part of Emunah Bashem. Vayaminu Bashem UvMoshe avdo!!!

  9. @bigchoosid, you clearly don’t understand New York politics. The governor IS practically the king. It yields immense power. Who do think will influence and pressure the board? Who sets the administrative policies?

    Whoever votes for Hochul is a rotzeach. מות יומת הרוצח

  10. 147 is trying to slander gedolei Yisrael. The aguda tries to stay partisan. That has been difficult to keep in recent years, but it doesn’t mean they always have to publicly pick a side. You don’t have to told the obvious. If you vote for Hochul, you are a rotzeach

  11. To big chosid A godol once said “ven es tut vai shreit men” When it hurts you scream. In normal times you may be right. However, we are living in highly unusual times. You also happen to be right and wrong about the governor. You are right she is not king and maybe has no control over the SED. But this is where you are wrong. She is allowed to voice an opinion. She’s for sure allowed to come to our community in person and in ads and say she is with us and will try to do her best to help us. She hasn’t and for this reason our gedolim have come out against her.

  12. Every Jewish person should do what he or she can to make the world a better place. Every person has a unique role. Nothing can stand in the way of a Jew who wants to do the will of Hashem. Trust in Hashem and Hashem only. When a Jew does the will of Hashem with joy and gratitude, Hashem will help. We influence world events through positive actions. We have the ultimate power through our connection to the King of the universe.

  13. >>>It is most interesting to note, that Agudah hasn’t come out in favor of Lee Zeldin

    Agudah can and does not endorse anyone. They would lose their tax exempt status if they did.

    Until about twenty years ago Agudah also had a very strict policy of not saying anything about contentious political issues that don’t directly affect the frum community.

    Anyway, Hochul has so clearly NOT been a friend to the frum community that there isn’t much to lose by not supporting her. She won’t be a friend either way. Of course we shouldn’t pick fights and burn bridges with her but “now she will be angry with us” if she wins isn’t really a concern. She will continue acting acting the way she did anyway with or without our support.

  14. 147:
    As a non-profit, Agudah cannot endorse any candidate.

    Sara Rifka:
    When you live in the Zionist paradise, you face even worse. At least in this country, even with the terrible moral destruction that has occurred world-wide, they haven’t removed the word God from their currency and elsewhere.

  15. Kefira? By what? The welfare state?

    What is really interesting is that Zeldin is an intermarried Reformer. Politics indeed makes strange bedfellows.

  16. Why are all the Chassidim then meeting with Baal Toeiva despite the threats to their children’s ed. future and current wave of high crime?

  17. Considering the fact that most of their “flock” doesn’t know how to read and write English, I’m surprised they would even know what a governor is, let alone, who’s running for it!

  18. to 147 Rabbi Zweibel stated on Kol Mevaser that is not allowed to endorse any candidate
    second we dont want to vote for someone that will take revenge on us if we don’t vote for her
    third the owners of Hamaspik and other such satmara businesses will lose money if a republican comes in that to them is more important than chinuch

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