LAUGHABLE: Why Was The Israeli-Arab At A Loss For Words?

Screenshot/Yosef Haddad Twitter

Yosef Hadad, an Israeli-Arab pro-Israel activist, posted a laughable video on his social media accounts of an Israeli-Arab stammering to explain to Haddad why life in Israel “gives her flashbacks of South Africa.”

“Here is a video you must see – an Israeli Arab from Haifa explains all the reasons why Israel is an apartheid state,” Haddad wrote. “Watch!”

In response to her apartheid claims, Haddad asked: “But do you have separate bus lines here in Haifa for Arabs and Jews?”

“No,” she replied.

Haddad: “So can you give me an example of apartheid in Israel.”

“Umm, in Israel,” she responded. “Umm, umm, umm, umm..”

Haddad then posted a photo of the Arab-Israeli next to US representative Rashida Tlaib, writing: “Is it just me or does she have a crazy resemblance to Rashida Tlaib? (In her appearance but no less than that, in her obsessive stupidity of being against Israel without any connection to reality and facts).”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The person asking the question isn’t Yousef Haddad. It’s Corey Gil-Shuster, a Canadian Jewish man who has hundreds of videos asking secular Israelis, Chareidim, Israeli settlers, Israeli Arabs, and Palestinians questions which he received from throughout the world. It’s called the Ask Project.

  2. And even though Israel is totally not an apartheid state, it’s not so fair to ask a woman to explain at moments notice a complex feeling which many Israeli Arabs definitely have, despite the fact that it isn’t accurate.

  3. She was a minding her own business and was asked a political question regarding her personal beliefs. She’s not a political activist like Rashida Talib who’s views should be derided and “laughed” at. We should understand how people feel and try to educate them to change their mind in a more intelligent way.

  4. Maybe it’s justified because the part of the Islamic media definitely does the same to Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Jewish kids. Derided what the kids respond to questions by interviewers.

  5. im preety sure the video cut a second time a few seconds before the end when she was about to answer and then replayed a few seconds from earlier in the video!!! weird!???

  6. Dan The:
    What a ridiculous assertion.
    This woman maligns an entire country and we can’t ask her for an example?
    Save your sympathy for the targets of hate, not for the haters.

  7. @ Dan The
    As stated by others here. You dont get to Malign an entire nation and then get sympathy for not having examples.
    What you get for that is the rightful scorn befitting someone who accepts all criticisms, and bases their lifes “struggle” ,on baseless hate.