SEE IT: Trump “The Biggest Loser” in Midterms, Jon Karl Says

(AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

ABC’s Jon Karl made clear who he thinks was the biggest loser in Tuesday night’s midterm elections: Donald Trump.

“Big picture, I can’t tell you if the Republicans are going to win the Senate, they might,” Karl said. “I can’t tell you if they’re likely to win the House, it sure looks like they could. But what I can tell you is the biggest loser tonight is Donald Trump. His candidates, his hand-picked candidates, lost in states Republicans thought they could win.”

He noted that Trump-endorsed candidates in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and beyond had all lost or on their way to losing.

“These were states Republicans thought they were going to be able to flip,” Karl said.

“On the flip side of this, who won tonight on the Republican side? It was Republicans who went up against Donald Trump,” he continued. “It was Brian Kemp in Georgia winning. It was Chris Sununu in New Hampshire – a really tough critic of Trump who didn’t have Trump’s endorsement – who won handily. It was Ron DeSantis who won by a huge margin in Florida.

“So, the people that stood either opposed to Donald Trump or not with help from Donald Trump have won. Those that Donald Trump brought to this race have so far either lost or are losing.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)





  1. drugcommish in LA
    The only garbage right now is Trump. He is a big liability to the republicans. There is no way Trump will win in 24 he has way too much baggage. There are 4 words that resonate with liberals, democrats and we saw it now with many Independant’s. The four words are stolen election and January 6, Trump is doing a great job of reminding them every time he opens his mouth.