WATCH: HaRav Bergman: “No One Should Think The Yeshuah Has Arrived”

HaGaon HaRav Bergman at the kever of his father-in-law HaGaon HaRav Shach, z'tl, on Thursday.

HaGaon HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman davened at the kever of his illustrious father-in-law HaGaon HaRav Shach, z’tl, on the 21st yahrtzeit on Thursday.

The Rosh Yeshivah spoke a few words at the kever, warning the Chareidi kehilla not to put too much stock in the victory of the right-wing bloc in the recent elections.

“No one should think that the yeshua has arrived, that we already have a government,” HaRav Bergman said. “The truth is that we’re still in galus and the darkness will cover the land and we’re surrounded by enemies.”

“Only the Torah HaKedosha and its study is our protection. Yehi Ratzon that we’re zocheh to a yeshuah in ruchniyus and gashmiyus, the yeshuah of the klal and the individual. Amen.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Guess the Gadol has to say the elementary yesodos of yidishkeit cuz Israelis are shikir from the Bibi victory.
    Its so unfortunate that people officially think that by voting in a right secular govt, Mashiach has arrived.
    A Tragicomedy

  2. Maybe, contrary to the posters, the gadol seems to consider this question worthy discussion. That means, he values voting and election and the composition of Israeli government, just does not consider current situation stable enough. Otherwise, he would use stronger language the way you do. so, please appreciate the difference.

  3. What a depressing thing to say and post. Rav Elchonon Wasserman HY”D said we are in Ikvesa D’Meshicha as have numerous other gedolim. Why not encourage people that the end is near rather than discourage them? The cup is 99% full..

  4. Baltimore Maven: You are 100% right that Mashiach is around the corner, R’ Meir Zvi was not saying otherwise.
    He was just saying that the current improvement to the political situation is totally unrelated, and we need to daven, and wait for Mashiach just as much as we did 6 months ago.
    All the steps forward regarding Shabbos, army, kashrus, Torah, financial, geirus, marriage, Kosel etc. are all tiny, relatively insignificant when put in perspective – unfortunately we are still in Golus, with a Treifa Knesset, and Goyim around us trying to wipe us off the map, we have no Beis Hamikdash, no korbonos etc.

    So he was saying, Yes, it’s great that we voted, it’s great what we achieved, but when considering the whole picture, we are still in a pretty bad state (pun intended).

  5. The cup is not 99% full, it is 98% empty.
    An increase of 1% from the previous situation means 100% improvement – but still 98% empty….

    Mashiach will be here any of these days, to fill up the last 98%.

  6. Even if I was deluded enough to think that the latest political events had any bearing in terms of Moshiach, I would still be too optimistic. This is Israeli politics after all….

  7. Even if I was deluded enough to think that the latest political events had any bearing in terms of Moshiach, I still wouldn’t be too optimistic. This is Israeli politics after all….

  8. Only serious teshuva and achdus on all levels of klal yisroel from frum to frei to chassidish to reform etc …. Together with kinnus and fasting can bring Mashiach and the geula to come quickly in our days

  9. It seems that many of the comments above are from people living in chutz laartetz. We, who live in Eretz Yisroel, were not celebrating Bibi’s victory. We were celebrating the end of the anti Torah, anti-Yiddishkeit and ashiest government who in their short term managed to pass many laws against the Torah World here in EY.
    What the Rosh Yeshiva was saying in my understanding, is that although we managed to oust the reshaim, we are still in galus and until Moshiach arrives, we cannot rely on any powers to lighten the burden of galus, and have to increase our Torah learning to protect ourselves.