SEE IT: Biden Releases Ad Attacking Trump as the Former President Announces 2024 Run

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, the 46th president attacked the 45th president as he was announcing that he is trying to become the 47th president.

Biden’s team tweeted a video beginning with Trump touting the successes of his presidency, followed by multiple stories that paint the former president in a negative light.

The video’s narrator asserts that Trump “failed America” and accuses him of “rigging the economy for the rich,” having the “worst jobs record since the depression,” and for allegedly “coddling extremists.”


  1. What a one sided video.

    The Stock Market was great, gas prices lower than they have been for a while, and no mention of the BLM riots on Biden’s watch! I’m not even going to talk immigration policy with the open borders!

  2. How can anyone stand up for Biden, the biggest creep USA has produced and dismiss Mr Trump, the best president the world has ever seen. You poor pitifully misguided bunch.

  3. I can’t stand Trump but most of this ad isn’t true due to lack of context. And nothing in it would discourage my voting for Trump (but I would never vote for him anyway)

  4. What a stupid video. I mean say what you want about Trump but seriously??? The American people are suffering at the pump and are having a difficult time paying their grocery bills under this regime and THAT’S what you’ve got?

    Well, at least rt and “Reb” Eliezer are kvelling.

  5. Biden. a demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.
    This America hating gangster together with the rest of the Marxist DemonRats are out to deliberately destroy this once great country of ours.

  6. Biden couldn’t write an essay……Biden can’t even put his hand on the Bible and swear, we trash people who harm children and behave reckless with wondering hands, yet, Biden has a history with his own daughter Schumer with his daughters friend how many political flaws of evil do we have to witness ……..TIME TO STOP … to my frum Jews….come home…