I WONDER WHY: WHO and CDC Say a Record 40 Million Kids Missed Measles Vaccine Dose

A registered nurse and immunization outreach coordinator with the Knox County Health Department, administers a vaccination to a kid at the facility in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Friday May 17, 2019. In a report issued Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say measles immunization has dropped significantly since the coronavirus pandemic began, resulting in a record high of nearly 40 million children missing a vaccine dose last year. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon, File)

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say measles immunization has dropped significantly since the coronavirus pandemic began, resulting in a record high of nearly 40 million children missing a vaccine dose last year.

In a report issued Wednesday, the WHO and the CDC said millions of children were now susceptible to measles, among the world’s most contagious diseases. In 2021, officials said there were about 9 million measles infections and 128,000 deaths worldwide.

The WHO and CDC said continued drops in vaccination, weak disease surveillance and delayed response plans due to COVID-19, in addition to ongoing outbreaks in more than 20 countries, mean that “measles is an imminent threat in every region of the world.”

Scientists estimate that at least 95% of a population needs to be immunized to protect against epidemics; the WHO and the CDC reported that only about 81% of children receive their first dose of measles vaccine while 71% get their second dose, marking the lowest global coverage rates of the first measles dose since 2008.

“The record number of children under-immunized and susceptible to measles shows the profound damage immunization systems have sustained during the COVID-19 pandemic,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement.

Measles is mostly spread through direct contact or in the air and causes symptoms including fever, muscle pain and a skin rash on the face and upper neck. Most measles-related deaths are caused by complications including swelling of the brain and dehydration. The WHO says serious complications are most serious in children under five and adults over 30.

More than 95% of measles deaths occur in developing countries, mostly in Africa and Asia. There is no specific treatment for measles, but the two-dose vaccine against it is about 97% effective in preventing severe illness and death.

In July, the U.N. said 25 million children have missed out on routine immunizations against diseases including diphtheria, largely because the coronavirus disrupted routine health services or triggered vaccine misinformation.



  1. Thanks to the CDC showing their true colors, many Americans no longer see them as an unbiased, reliable, trustworthy organization who has our kids best interests in mind.
    Now most people see them as they truly are- a corrupt government agency who best serves the interest of big pharma.
    No wonder people don’t want to vaccinate their kids.
    I mean, pretty much everything the CDC did or said or pushed has been proven to be not only wrong but dangerous, ineffective, and profitable for big pharma at the expense of many lives lost or damaged.
    Many people are now taking a new look at the “crazy” anti Vax crowd and wondering if they were on the right track all along.

  2. maybe more thanks to people who exploit any problem to further their agenda – from a future VP who questioned the “Trump vaccine” to irresponsible internet posters who love venting without realizing the effect on the world.

    Note also that the rate is down to 80%, not 50%, that is most “normal” people in the world vaccinated it is still outliers who did not.

  3. Here’s an opportunity for the CDC to carry out their legal and moral responsibility to finally do a randomized double blind placebo controlled safety study for this, and other, vaccines, something which they have always refused to do, using the ridiculous claim that it would be unethical to withhold the vaccine from the poor placebo control group. Now you have millions of children to study, and finally see whether unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated.
    Sorry, we can’t do it. If vaccines were shown to be unsafe, there wouldn’t be enough money in the world to compensate the vaccine injured, so we’re going to have to continue just shouting “vaccines are safe and effective” so loud that all stupid parents just keep following like sheep.

  4. All my older kids were fully vaxxed
    Had the typical always sick kids routine
    Constantly having ear infections and stomach viruses and bronchitis and random high fevers and who knows what else
    Their infant years were constant medicine and vomit and the occasionally emergency room visit for dehydration from fever
    My youngest got no vaccines
    She’s been sick ONCE
    No ear issues
    No strep
    No fevers
    No green snot for months
    No eczema
    Of course thank you Hashem but as a mother I cannot help but compare her to my older children- and to her similarly aged cousins who are on an endless round of yet another antibiotics
    The difference in overall health is staggering to me

  5. … because of lies and more government lies.

    Everything the government has done as far as the pandemic only hurt children. Confining kids to lockdowns & masks…
    … not only hurt them socially,
    … not only hurt them academically,
    … BUT ALSO MEDICALLY and more susceptible to RSV.
    Lead virologists are now saying they they have become too sterile with a huge “immunity debt”. BH the from communities are less prone to this precisely because they did not fall for it.
    Why would anyone trust the CDC or public health again?