Australia Offers $1 Million For Info On Bombings Of Jewish Sites

Composite drawing of three people suspected of carrying out the 1982 bombings of two Jewish targets in Australia. (NSW Police)

Australia on Monday announced a $1 million reward for information on the 40-year-old unsolved cases of the bombings of two Jewish targets, The Guardian reported.

On December 23, 1982, a bomb exploded in front of the Israeli consulate in Sydney, injuring two people.

Later on the same day, a bomb planted in a car in the parking lot of the Jewish Hakoah Club exploded but fortunately, it did not detonate properly and no one was injured. The bomb was believed to have been intended to destroy the entire building, which at the time was full of hundreds of people for a Maccabiah event.

Investigators believe that the attacks, the first international terrorist attacks in Australia, were carried out by Palestinian terrorists.

The terrorists were never found but in 2012, the Australian police published composite drawings of three suspects and offered a $100,000 reward for information on the attacks.

Ten years later, on the first day of a reopening of a coronial inquiry into the country’s “first terrorism cold case,” the police decided to raise the bar and increase the reward to $1 million.

Police Minister Paul Toole said he hopes the reward will “be the final push members of the public need to offer up information – no matter how big or small it may seem – to help police in their unwavering quest for answers and provide closure for all those involved.”

The counter-terrorism and special tactics commander, assistant commissioner Mark Walton, said: “It is our hope that the reward will motivate those who know who was involved in the bombings to come forward and help us solve this 40-year-old mystery.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Reminder:
    A few years earlier than this attack, German officials revealed the link between neo Nazis and the PLO (such as through Oktoberfest bombing, Shlomo Lewin. Etc 1980).

  2. Australia can rot in the proverbially section of ‘hell’…..they killed their indigineious and now they want to resolve a crime at the expense of their people for what…kuddos, may our Jews return home from where ever they are ….ones who want to keep shabbos