NIGERIA: Hachnasas Sefer Torah L’Illui Nishmas HaRav Kanievsky, Z’tl,

Beis Chabad of Nigeria

The Chabad house in Abuja, Nigeria, led by Rabbi Israel and Haya Ozan, held an event celebrating its tenth anniversary, dedicating a new wing of its Beis Chabad modeled on 770.

A Hachnasas Sefer Torah l’illui nishmas HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, z’tl was celebrated as part of the event. The Sefer Torah was donated by the philanthropist Reb Dov Ziskin of New York.

The event was attended by shluchei Chabad throughout Africa, including the Ivory Coast and Ghana, as well as shluchim from the US, members of the local Jewish kehilla, and even local non-Jews.

Beis Chabad of Nigeria

The singers Amir Dadon and Micha Shitrit were brought in especially from Israel to sing for the crowd during the celebration and seudas mitzvah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Don’t be mevazeh Rav Chaim ztvk”l with such ליצנות. Rav Chaim was opposed to Chabad, he greatly esteemed and followed Rav Schach zt”l.

    Lubavitch is desperate to convince people that they are accepted by the frum oilam, so they concoct scams like this. But no one should fall for it.

  2. “a new wing of its Beis Chabad modeled on 770.”

    Do they have the giant yechi signs there like they have at the original 770 HQ in Brooklyn?

  3. Just wanted to point out that the lubavitcher rebbe and rav chaim have had written correspondence. They discussed rambam as rav chaim was then writing his sefer shekel hakodesh.

    In more recent times, this can be seen on youtube as well, that as a true gadol, rav chaim had tremendous ahavas yisroel for every yid and as this dictates, the rav welcomed prominent chabad rabbanim into his home.

  4. If some Lubavitchers snuck into Rav Chaim’s home, which was open to the public, and he greeted them, it does not mean that he endorsed Chabad overall, as 1) they snuck in among the masses, which included a wide range of people, including some that were not frum, mentally ill people, and other sorts, 2) they posed as regular Yidden, perhaps he didn’t realize that they were Lubavitchers, 3) he related to them as individuals.

    It is known that Rav Chaim zt”l was misnaged to them, he wrote a haskamah to the 3 volume sefer HaGaon by Rav Dov Eliach shlit”a, for example.

  5. Most of you (negative comments)commenting are such sad people The rabbi of Chabad and Reb Chaim would have both welcomed you as nebechs. Get a life for yourselves let people do good whatever it is and maybe try do some good yourselves too

  6. kolTov7
    Yes it’s not adding up because you are your kind are stuck in preworld war mindset and can’t get yourself out.
    Look around you.
    Open your eyes.
    Stop judging people because they wear jeans and don’t look like you and talk like you. “Toyrah” has no “Yod” in it. It’s Torah. TORAH HAKEDOSHA.
    I know it’s hard but a Little bit at a time of AHAVAS CHINAM.
    You will get it.
    I am sure.
    Love all Jews, including yourself.

  7. At the end of the day, religious Jews are did a Hachnassat Sefer Torah in Rav Chaims name, what’s the problem? People will literally make a fuss out of such a beautiful thing.

    While you’re having internet wars on Yeshiva World, they’re having a Hachnassat Sefer Torah. Your FACE is Mevaze Rav Chaim

  8. @reiven and all the other opponenets,

    It is well known that it is said that rav chaim had ruach hakodesh

    We should all strive to have ahavas yisroel for every yid even if they do happen to wear jeans, just as rav chaim and the lubavitcher rebbe both have.

    Further, im really sorry if this hurts anyones feelings, but we can see on youtube that rav chaim sits and speaks with chabad rabbonim in a gentle civilized manner.

    P.S The arizal says to say everyday hareni mekabelalai mitzvot ASEI shel vahavta lereacha komocha before davening

  9. To lemayseh:
    The word צבור is roshei teivos, .
    צ’דיקים, ב’ינונים ור’שעים
    But it seems some self-righteous people disagree.
    כל הפוסל במומו פוסל
    But not to worry. You’re included in Klal Yisroel, even as your comments show that you aren’t.

  10. I actually happen to agree with L’maaseh.
    This is quite obviously some sort of nefarious scheme on the part of a secret cabal of yellow flag wielding Cgabad elitists to trick followers of R’Chaim into joining Chabad.
    Why else would someone – even if he’s not Chabad – donate a Sefer Torah lilui nishmas R’ Chaim kanievsky zt”l to a Chabad house, if it weren’t for some siniste plot to overtake the work with glitter yarmulkes and yellow flags?

  11. Most people who daven by chabad are usually non chabad. The sefrr torahss they donate are therefore usually also iluy nishnas non luvavitchers. This is the status quo, so there’s no reason to be so intimidated because a few Israelis are waving yllow flags. And If you’re so unnecessarily fetracht by this in any way please just relax.

  12. The cover of the sefer Torah under discussion has these words on it:

    הס”ת שייך לר’ דוב בער זיסקינד נ”י

    It is clearly visible in Chabad info sites online reports on this.

    So it seems that it wasn’t even donated, just loaned.

  13. Yes, I just viewed your propaganda video. Rav Chaim ztvk”l didn’t seem too happy in it to have Berke Lazar in front of him. Nebech, he had to be סובל בזיונות like that, being targeted by Lubavitch propagandists with camera crew in tow, for their PR disinformation.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for the גניבת דעת that you practice, trying to convince people that Rav Chaim was okay with Chabad Lubavitch, when he was a big Misnaged. How Rav Chaim supported and honored Maran HaRav Schach, the great leader of Klal Yisroel, who stood courageously against dangerous false ideologies and sects.

  14. To lemayseh:
    Would you trust the Hashgachah of a Chabad Shliach?
    It’s a simple question, should not be difficult to answer.

    WOW!!! I guess it is too difficult to answer.

  15. I wonder how R’ Chaim, in Olom Ho’emes, looks at the typical Erev Shabbos of those Shluchim who are being “mevazeh Rav Chaim ztvk”l” (in your words), and yours.
    While you’re going up and down Avenue J, choosing your five different types of herring, then off to Coney Island Ave to choose from the different types of Kokosh, etc, etc, he’s running around putting on Tefillin with Yidden, making countless calls to ensure there will be a Minyan on Shabbos, preparing meals to host countless people that you probably would not even give the time of day, let alone, allow them into your house , because it might take away from your precious “Shabbos shlof”.
    You think he had a nice turkey dinner on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings like you probably did? I doubt that greatly.
    While you’re sitting next week, eating your $12 donuts every night, you know where he’ll be? Bringing the Chanukah light to to Yidden who you could not care less about. It’s called פרסומי ניסא.
    R’ Chaim is surely looking down at those Shluchim in a very positive way, and as difficult as it may be, perhaps even more difficult than “to have Berke Lazar in front of him (your words)”, he’s surely trying to be meilitz yosher on you and your type.

  16. [The cover of the sefer Torah under discussion has these words on it:

    הס”ת שייך לר’ דוב בער זיסקינד נ”י

    It is clearly visible in Chabad info sites online reports on this.

    So it seems that it wasn’t even donated, just loaned.]

    Please see the attached:,to%20house%20a%20Sefer%20Torah