BDE: Jewish-Ukrainian Soldier Is Killed At The Front


Vladislav Shein, z’l, a 21-year-old member of the Jewish kehilla in Dnipro, Ukraine was killed last month at the war front.

“The Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine mourns the death of a hero,” a statement from the federation said. “He was sent to the front and there he sacrificed his life for the independence and freedom of Ukraine.”

The news of his death reached the Jewish kehilla only in the past few days, and since then, the limmud Torah and the recital of Kaddish in several shuls have been dedicated l’illui nishmaso.

His friends said that Vladislav registered as a volunteer already in the first days of the war. From time to time, when he went on leave, he would come to shul, put on tefillin and daven. He was very proud of his Jewish identity and donned tefillin every day even at the front.

Shein, z’l, was known in his city as an expert judoka. He has been involved in the sport since he was six years old and has won numerous championships in tournaments in Dnipro and throughout Ukraine.

Prior to the breakout of the war, Shein, z’l, studied at the National Law University in Kharkiv.

It is estimated that dozens of Jewish-Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives fighting against the Russians since the war began.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Dayan emes,

    I do have one question in regard to: “ It is estimated that dozens of Jewish-Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives fighting against the Russians since the war began.”

    How many Jews have died fighting for Russia in this conflict?

  2. No Jew should be living there period……Nazi’s, murderers of our own people shame on any jew that lives outside of Israel at this time…..those that do are a crutch to the people of Israel

  3. YWN’s ignorant, one sided propaganda puppet articles like this spit on the graves of the hundreds of thousands of Ukraine Bandera holocaust victims. YWN, what’s the body count number for Jewish Donbas civilian deaths committed by death head and SS tattooed Azov battalion Ukrainians? And Jewish Russian soldiers? Foremost, Torah commands us to remain neutral in conflicts of Goyim.

  4. Jews should not be fighting for Ukraine or for Russia in this war.

    If they must they should hold support roles but never be in the front line.

  5. Just wonder , if the United States will have a war( חס ושלום) like in Ukraine or civil all you who say the Jews in Ukraine or Russia are in the wrong place in wrong time , what would you say then about us , who live here ? Or only because it oversees , in places far away from us we feel have right to tell them what to do .
    What about Avrom Avinu who wasn’t neutral when his nephew Lot was captured ?

  6. Disastrous pull out in Afghanistan led to war in Ukraine due to world leaders seeing how weak we are. Biden has his blood on his hands..that’s why we need strong leaders like Trump who showed while on office he was able to put all world leaders in their place and we had peace and prosperity for those 4 years!