Deputy Mayor Deutsch: Cinema City Must Remain Closed on Shabbos


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closedJerusalem Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch spoke with Razi Barkai of Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Sunday morning 23 Adar I 5774. The chareidi deputy mayor spoke of the overwhelming opposition to the planned opening of the new Cinema City on Shabbos.

Deutsch explained that “most of the city council” opposes operating the major movie theater shopping center complex on Shabbos. He stated that many of the non religious councilmen feel that Jerusalem must protect the religious status quo and religious atmosphere that exists on Shabbos, and therefore they oppose opening the new complex on Shabbos too.

The developers of the major complex obviously want to operate it on Shabbos, aware it will be a big money maker that will attract residents from other cities, not just the capital. It was constructed with a massive underground parking lot, which developers explain was part of the plan to accommodate opening on Shabbos.

Deutsch remains adamant, explaining Mayor Barkat has also come out against permitting it to open on Shabbos, with the deputy mayor explaining opening the complex on Shabbos chas v’sholom will result in a most unwanted reality, including a large increase in the influx in the number of vehicles traveling toward the Supreme Court Building for Cinema City is located adjacent to it.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. yossie deutch doesn’t have much influence. I wonder if they will succeed in having it be closed on shabbos. Highly doubt it. You can see by the design and investment how it was built by chilonim for shabbos desecration.

  2. 2: I didn’t see that particular halacha in poskim. However, what I did see is that yidden aren’t allowed to go to movies on shabbos (if ever). I also saw that kol yisroel areivim and everyone has the achrayus to help other yidden avoid chillul shabbos as much as possible.