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Chareidi Mother Released From Hospital: “We Have No Anger Toward Any Jew”

Following three weeks of intensive treatment in the hospital, Mirel Duzlovsky, the mother of 11 who was seriously injured during a protest in the Geula area was released from Shaare Tzedek Hospital on Tuesday.

Duzlovsky suffered a severe bilateral lung injury after a  dumpster struck her chest with great force and required lifesaving emergency treatment. After undergoing surgery, she was transferred to the intensive care unit, sedated and ventilated, where the doctors and nurses fought for her life for two and a half weeks.

Duzlovsky required prolonged ventilation to allow her lungs to heal and she underwent several additional surgeries and complex treatments until her condition improved. A week ago, her condition improved enough for her to be transferred to the general surgery department.

Dr. Alon Schwartz, the director of the trauma unit at Shaare Tzedek, said: “Mirel’s desire to fight for her life for the sake of her children despite her severe injury and her tremendous willpower alongside the targeted treatment restored her to her two feet. I wish her much good health on the road ahead.”

“We are full of praise and gratitude to Hashem Yisbarach for all His open and revealed chasadim that accompanied us in the last weeks since Miri was severely injured and until this happy day of her release from the hospital,” a family member said.

“We want to thank all of Klal Yisrael from the bottom of our hearts for all the endless tefillos that saved Miri and brought her back to us healthy and functioning. Your tefillos were our oxygen during the difficult and fearful days.”

“We want to thank the MDA team and the team of doctors and nurses at Shaare Zedek in intensive care and the department of general surgery for the dedicated 24-hour-a-day care and to all the medical askanim who accompanied us during this period. You were the good shlichim for saving Miri’s life. You should receive bracha from Shamayim and all the wishes of your heart should be fulfilled! May Shamayim bless you and fulfill all the wishes of your heart.”

“We want to emphasize again, that as believing Jews, we have no feelings of anger or blame towards any Jew, and we daven that only shalom and ahavas Yisrael will increase among Am Yisrael and that we’ll be zocheh soon to the geulah sheleimah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “We Have No Anger Toward Any Jew” This in absolutely no way whatsoever mitigates the absolute necessity to lock up those 2 savages for life {in prison cell with arab terrorists & alsation dogs} without possibility of parole, even if for no other reason than to scare the next potential savage who can endanger more innocent members of the public השם ירחם

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