SICKENING: University Students March, Call for the Murder of Jews [SEE THE VIDEO]


In yet another sickening display of antisemitism on university campuses, a group of pro-Palestinian activist students marched on the University of Michigan campus and called for the murder of Jews.

“Intifada, Intifada! Long live the Intifada!” the students chanted, referring to the spate of violent attacks against Jews in Israel in the late 80s, early 90s, and early 2000s.

“There is only one solution!” a marcher chanted, an obviously nod to Adolph Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” the antisemitic students continued, calling for the destruction of the Jewish State.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The comments on a different “frum” (the TYW) website is worse. Supposedly frum people post there with remarks like “The only way you deal with filthy rabies infected sewer rats, is to fumigate the place.” because Jews in Meah Shaerim had the “nerve” to protest a store that sells phones not up to their standards. Among the most viscous remarks I see are from Jews against Jews on that “frum” website.

  2. disgusting behavior, the colleges need to be sued, since they are calling for violence and colleges are giving them a platform. they should be forced to act normal or be thrown out of their school

  3. Imagine if people would march around campus with pro-Israel chants and Israeli flags. How long do you think that would last before they would be physically attacked and cited for incitement?

  4. Philosopher, nobody objects to people protesting whatever they don’t like, whether they’re right or wrong. The phone stores have no obligation to comply with these wicked people’s “standards”, but they’re entitled to protest.

    But, no matter how strong their objection, they have no right whatsoever to engage in violence, let alone the extreme violence that they have repeatedly done. The moment they raise a hand against another person, they are resha’im, as we heard Moshe Rabbenu himself say just a few days ago. And that includes violence against someone’s property. On the contrary, it’s worse, since as Rav Chisda said, injuries to a person will eventually heal, while injury to property is permanent (Bava Kama 91b). And when they destroy a person’s business, and thus his livelihood, that is the biggest rish’us yet.

    They don’t own the street, nor the neighborhood. People are entitled to sell any lawful product there, that people who frequent that street want to buy. If nobody local wanted to buy their products they wouldn’t open there.

  5. “There is only one solution!” a marcher chanted, an obviously nod to Adolph Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

    These are definitely antisemites, but this allusion is very far from obvious. It’s possible, but far more likely it’s a reference to the phrase “two-state solution”.

  6. We need to learn a lesson from the days of King Achav.
    Klal Yisroel was united during those days and because of that Hashem made sure that no one in the world can harm the Jewish people.
    If we are united and we finally stop hurting each other, then we will merit mind boggling protection from the Almighty.

  7. Haha I guess it must feel nice to be a part if something, non of these cowards will ever probably do anything.

    These radicals only ever end up being HR employees or low paid teachers, fueling the feedback loop they are “oppressed” because they never amount to anything.

  8. Arabs came to Michigan 50 60yrs ago buying up neighborhoods from oil money they are very established in Michigan,any political figure would be very wary going against any one Arab nowadays.
    Remember there are a Billion Muslims in world and at least 1% are radicalized it doesn’t matter that 999,899,999 act indifferen there are 100,000 that would kill any chance they could, and you only need a handful to get “inspired ” Chas VeShalom by such rallies.
    I don’t think any frum jew agrees with all Israel actions, but if someone is promoting hate and murder “intafadah” on the innocent civilians men women mothers fathers sons daughter eldrs and babies. We can’t allow any such platform a breath of oxygen, no matter how ridiculous they seem.

  9. Clearly the protesters were Palestinians. Should it surprise anyone that they would show their true colors?

    The question becomes is how the staff members and student body felt about their protest? I did not see anyone cheering on these potential murders. With such chants as alluding to murdering people, I highly doubt they will get a lot of support even from those that may be passively anti-Semitic. Americans, other than the Alt-Right types, usually are embarrassed to make such bold statements as “Murder Jews”!

  10. Milhouse – you write regarding the reference to only one solution that “These are definitely antisemites, but this allusion is very far from obvious. It’s possible, but far more likely it’s a reference to the phrase “two-state solution”.
    It is absolutely impossible that these marchers were referring to a two-state solution as the one and only solution for Palestinian freedom. Did you read the entire article?
    It says right afterward that they also chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”
    In case you don’t understand what this means, I’ll explain:
    From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea there will be only ONE STATE – Palestine!
    According to that one solution, Israel and its Jewish inhabitants will be wiped out and dumped into the sea – a pretty similar idea to Hitler’s Final Solution.
    Please don’t be naive and think that these protesters have any intention of agreeing to a 2-state solution. Israel had agreed to the 2-state Partition Plan way back when. The Arabs refused and thus began Israel’s war of independence and the fighting has continued ever since.

  11. Why are all these hateful incidents happening under the Biden administration? He promised us he was going to usher an aura of civility.

  12. Millhouse, the evil people are those who want to promote and spread technology between those who abhor it. Don’t preach about people’s so-called “rights”; that’s why immorality abounds today, becasue people are focused on their “rights”. People need to be decent; trying to force your ideology within a neighborhood IS VIOLENCE. There are many frum malls and shopping strips in the New York, imagine if someone decided to open a pork selling shop within a kosher mall or shopping strip. While he would have the “right” to do so, it’s a free country after all, but that person that has reality no “right” to do so within the parameters of decency and respecting a culture and a people. You may not agree with the people in Meah Shareim, but their “culture” cannot be encroached upon and violated.

    I certainly condemn violence. The fire that was set to a different cell phone store a few weeks ago was absolutely horrifying. In this case however, the police started the violence, charging with horses and throwing the protestors who then reacted by being more aggressive. I have witnessed an hafganah when I was in Israel and saw with my own eyes how the police instigated the calm protestors to act aggressive as a reaction to the police violence and aggressiveness against them.

  13. milhouse and ladler,jpa was saying that to mock the ywn claims that everything we jews see is anti semetic he was trying to find something far fetched that could sound like a remote hint to anti semetism and use that to be sarcastic and to push down the claims that there was something anti semetic happening here which there very obviously was.jpa,do you need everything in big capital letters with clear finger spaces written on an A1 sheet of paper to understand what is going on?is it not blatantly obvious?because if it isnt lets hope this is.YOU ARE JUST A LETZ(A PERSON WHO MOCKS)WHO HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF ABSALOUTLY ANYTHING UNLESS ITS SPELLED OUT LIKE THIS.YOU MUST BE THICK,NEGLEGENT AND QUITE OBVIOUSLY REFORM

  14. “get it straight”: disgusting behavior, the colleges need to be sued, since they are calling for violence and colleges are giving them a platform. they should be forced to act normal or be thrown out of their school

    Sued for what? First of all, this is a free country, where nobody can be sued for saying such things. Everything they are saying is 100% protected by the first amendment.

    But even if they could be sued, e.g. if they were defaming someone, the university couldn’t be sued for their speech.

    Furthermore, it’s a government school, so it’s bound by the first amendment, and can’t interfere in the protesters’ speech. It can’t throw them out for the vile things they are saying. And since campuses are public forums it can’t even prevent them from marching. It certainly can’t force students to “act normal”.

  15. No, ladler, they are not advocating the so-called “two-state solution”. But that is the most obvious and most likely reference when they say there is “only one solution”. NOT a phrase from 70 years ago that they’ve probably never even heard of. It’s not impossible that they were referring to Hitler, but it’s very unlikely.

  16. “Philosopher”, your philosophy, as displayed in your words, is PURE EVIL.

    Making legal products available for sale in a neighborhood where people want to buy them, is NOT VIOLENCE, and it is not “forcing” anything. Calling it violence, as an excuse for actual violence, makes you a rasha gamur. Leshitas’cha, I could call your words violence, and that would give me the right to go over and punch you in the face! Obviously you would not agree to that, but that is exactly what you just claimed.

    If you don’t want such a phone, don’t buy one. You do not own the street, and you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to dictate what is sold on it. It’s none of your business.

    What I do in MY store, which is situated on a public street that does not belong to you, is not “encroaching” on your culture; if you think it is then you have no right to that culture, and it deserves to be destroyed and “encroached” on. You are no different from the Islamist terrorists who think that they have the right to cut my head off if I publish a picture of their “prophet”.

    And yes, if someone wants to waste his money opening a pork restaurant on 13th Ave, he has every right to do so, and nobody has any right to prevent him. If he can actually make money from it, then obviously it is welcome there, and it is right and proper for him to have it. If it’s not welcome then it will quickly go out of business.

  17. Geveaalt, it wasn’t JPA who claimed it was obviously a Hitler reference. It was YWN. And JPA very correctly pointed out that it is very very far from obvious.

  18. Millhouse, it is you who are spouting evil words. With your “logic” one can open a store selling “adult” items on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, or on 13th ave in BP, or perhaps in the numerous frum malls in the US or in Israel because it’s legal to sell such items and therefore within their right to do so….Nope, you are wrong and you can’t face it making you lash out at me.

    Your vitriolic response to my comments, and your calling my words “evil”, is very telling. You hate what I am saying because they are true and at your very core it bothers you immensely and makes you lash out in a way that anti-Semites do against frum, God-fearing Jews because they represent what is good and true and it makes the reshuim aware of their own evilness which the hate to face. The very fact that in makes you so angry that pious Jews protest against a store in their own neighborhoods selling devices that have the potential to wreck one’s spirituality makes you so angry is because most likely you have sold your soul to the Satan through these devices. Otherwise, even if you would use these devices, you would understand the want that these Jews have to keep teir machane, their neighborhoods, clean from anything that may compromise their ruchnius.

  19. sorry you are right millhouse i didnt read the article well enough.jpa please be moichel me for that im sincerely sorry.but everything i said doesnt change just because its YWN.verything that i said that was directed at you i direct to YWN.this is an absaloute over the top and exaggeratted statement from them