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New Website Poised to Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry


By: L. Halevi

Imagine  being able to view listings,photos  and other information about available homes and other real estate for rent and sale in your city. Imagine being able to view listings in your city as well as in other communities.

Imagine these listings were all in one place; organized in a comprehensive way on an easy-to use website.

Put your imagination on hold! No more imagining necessary. is here!

After many months of hard work and with the assistance of many realtors and other individuals in related industries, the frum real estate website which will revolutionize the industry is here. Not only will offer buyers a comprehensive listing of available homes, apartments, buildings and other land for sale, lease or rent, it will also work closely with realtors  to enable them to list their properties in an affordable and productive way.

No longer will realtors need to spend untold amounts of money on advertisements that may or may not work for them. Now their listings will garner the attention they need and reach the targeted audiences they want in a way that they, as well as the buyers, will greatly benefit.

The site was launched with an impressive list of available properties in cities across the USA, such as Chicago, Flatbush, Lakewood, Miami and Monsey as well as properties in Eretz Yisroel. As the site grows and as more and more frum realtors are learning about the revolutionary site, many more communities will be added. There is no limit to how many communities can join, no limit to how many properties can be listed and no limit to the potential success this can bring for realtors and buyers alike.

“I have received such positive feedback” says Mr. Shia Neuman, founder and president of, “and so many realtors I spoke with expressed their excitement to finally have a cost-effective and productive way to get their listings out there without breaking the bank. Just yesterday I received an email from a realtor who listed two of her properties on Motzaei Shabbos, and was amazed that by Monday she already had two very serious inquiries!” Mr. Neuman tells us that in the short time since it  was launched, over 1,500 unique visitors have already visited the website, and the numbers are steadily climbing!

Indeed, true to its clever name (Blick is the Yiddish term for glance), and its fun, yet easy design and navigation, will surely be a well-known household name and a revitalizing house-finding tool within a short period of time.

Join the revolution; visit TODAY!




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