SEE THE VIDEO: Jewish Man Kicked Off Flight – And That’s NOT Even the Shocking Part


A Chasidic man was thrown off a flight heading from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to LaGuardia Airport in New York after he ostensibly put too much luggage in the overhead compartment.

According to a man who reportedly videoed the incident, a flight attendant said the Chasidic man had placed too much luggage in the overhead bins and that he had to check in some of his luggage. When he refused, the flight attendant took the luggage down herself to check it in.

The Chasidic man demanded his luggage back, to which the flight attendant replied that he either has to check in the luggage or be removed from the plane. He then placed the luggage back in the overhead bins and was kicked off the flight.

Some observers say that the man didn’t actually put too much luggage in the overhead bins and he was being discriminated against. It isn’t clear from the video that this is certainly the case.

The truly shocking part of the story came after the incident had already ended.

A Twitter account called HQ Satmar, which publishes news from the Aroni faction of Satmar, decided to comment on the matter.

“Open racism by Delta airline staff on flight from Ft Lauderdale to LaGuardia who removed Hasidic Jew for carrying his religious hat & Jacket & luggage, we ask all religious Jews to stop using Delta until these #NAZI staff gets fired for religious discrimination against Jews,” HQ Satmar wrote.

And this is the most shocking part of the story. Never mind that it isn’t blatantly clear that the flight attendant wasn’t following regular airline rules about luggage – it’s certainly possible there was discrimination there, but it isn’t “open racism.” The more disturbing part is how Jews with a public platform would feel that it’s appropriate to compare a Jewish man getting kicked off an airplane to the mass extermination of Jews at the hands of Nazis.

The Holocaust wasn’t that long ago. Have we already forgotten what the Nazis were? Not every time something you don’t like what happens is it comparable to the Nazis. It’s an insult to our 6 million ancestors who were actually hunted by Nazis animals and a complete victimhood mindset that helps nobody. People like this Satmar Twitter account who use the term “Nazi” in an incident like this, clearly have no idea who Dr Josef Rudolf Mengele yemach shemam was. They clearly have no idea how many Yidden were gassed each day. They clearly have no idea what it means that thousands of Jews were shot in cold blood at the Ninth Fort in Kovna. They clearly have no idea what Treblinka was and how 925,000 Jews were murdered just minutes after getting off the cattle car trains.

If you have a public platform, you had better act responsibly, because now, you are a disgrace to humanity and a disgrace to the 6 million Kedoshim HY”D.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So let me get this straight he refused to check extra luggage. Fought with the flight attendant doing her job. And we are going to yell anti semitism. Don’t know about you. But you are allowed ONE carry on

  2. no delta, no american, no frontier, we are running out of options. Lets face it, we dont have too many sympathizers. We are a lone nation.

  3. Need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Had to check this wasn’t an ad or communicated content.
    There is no news site more guilty of the above crimes than YWN.

    This site constantly looks for anti-semitism, leaving no stone unturned.

    The hypocrisy here is laughable.

  4. As in most of these cases, there was probably some wrongs on BOTH sides which cannot be determined by a short video. For most economy tickets, you are allowed one carry on bag and one personal item, the latter which must fit under the seat. If this guy tried to put a hatbox for a Streimel AND a wheel on suitcase in the overhead rack, he was wrong. He should have quickly offered to check one of his bags, and assuming he did so, the flight attendant should have checked it for him and deescalated the situation.
    Also, I agree, with the above comment. The seemingly constant screaming of Nazi is disgusting and shows that those using this hyperbole are deliberately disrespecting the kadoshim of the Shoah.

  5. Thank you ywn. You are 100% correct. Sometimes we tend to be too aggressive and get upset when things don’t go OUR way. It comes from the fact that we have been victims for so many years, but it isn’t an excuse.

  6. When you focus on woke antisemitism like this, you end up befriending the nazis. Why should we NOT call antisemites nazis, which is what they are at heart.
    It does not diminish the cruelty if the nazis, it just says, that this antisemite if given the chance would be the same.
    Thats why the police in israel are also nazis. Thats not antisemitism like the woke liberals like saying. No its the sad reality

  7. I’m NOT commenting on this specific incident as I don’t know what really happened

    BUT in general to the point the editor was trying to make that hateful discriminational acts against Jews should NOT bring up the word NAZIS, on that I respectfully disagree. The NAZIS ALSO didn’t start off by killing JEWS, they started with the little things (discriminating in schools, businesses etc.) it progressed to the death camps…

    They were NAZIS on day ONE of discrimination, that came from unadulterated HATE of the Jews, only it wasn’t stopped, consequently it progressed… and the rest is history

    Bottom line: Discrimination that comes from HATE is what the word NAZIS symbolizes

  8. YWN – aren’t great fans of chasidim. Everything Chassidic gets blown out of context. over & over again. this story is upsetting. the natzi part doesn’t really merit such condemnation of a single Chasidic sect. Yeshiva bochurim in Bnei Brak shouting Nazi at police didn’t ”shock” you, not the slightest. as long as they have several dents in their hats!

    Moderator Note: YWN has consistently called out anyone using the word “Nazi” — including Yeshiva Bochrim in Eretz Yisroel. (Many, many, many times. Facts matter.)

  9. Indeed! Writing on a public platform is a huge responsibility (get the hint).

    While I wasn’t there and don’t know the story, I’ll “assume” and say that I find it hard to believe that the flight attendant caused the mess. I “assume” the story started when he walked into the airport with his “ME” attitude. Once on the plane, I “assume” he bought more than one piece of luggage (it is ok (to try) but excluding a “ME” attitude) and the flight attendant politely advised him that there is not enough space in the overhead bins for other passengers (first piece of) luggage so he’ll have to check in the rest of his items. I “assume” that he decided to be entitled and said (maybe even arguably) that he won’t remove his items to be checked in. From there, you can imagine what happened next.

    Sounds about right?

  10. Jews should NOT shriek racism and anti-Semitism unless it is very clear that the Jew involved was following the rules.
    We do know that certain persons in the “Hareidi” Orthodox world are very undisciplined and oppose rules, regulations, and order.
    IF the Jew on that flight was violating airline rules, then he caused a major chillul Hashem.

  11. This guy had a hand luggage suitcase and a shtreimel box. That’s 2 items plus he put his hat and jacket above. There was plenty room. All passengers were aboard and sitting on plane. He didn’t take anyone’s space away. Why did the attendant feel it necessary to stop him from keeping his stuff where it is.. (the only extra item was his shtreimel box) and just fly off. Could have been a smooth journey with no altercations. She obviously targeted him because he was a frum Jew. And who’s becoming more left as the days move on found what to write is more shocking…. sorry yeshivaworld, THIS TIME I DISAGREE WITH YOU!
    Had he taken space away from someone else, you would have had a point but for the shtreimel box that was extra (he was probably afraid it will get lost) it’s not worth being anti frum for this. This guy did nothing wrong. should be careful which battles they pick to snarl at.

  12. What was most troubling is that there are still such brainless lemechels wearing a stupid medically worthless disposable mask. Such idiotic theater.

  13. Once again, YWN nails it!! We tend to forget that we are still in Golus, and the constant heretical ramblings from “religious” Zionists aren’t exactly helping the situation.

    This is why I constantly advocate for the approach of Neturei Karta, since even Satmar baalebatim can be a bad example of how a yid should behave in Golus!

    And you may also finally realize that just as this yid is provoking the gentile flight attendant and is being מתגרה באומות, the yidden who were killed in the so-called “Holocaust” were commiting exactly the same עבירה with all of their ism’s.

  14. I’m sure we’ll here from this man shortly about what really happened. However since I came back to NYC this morning on a flight, I will give my two cents what may have occurred. This man probably had a personal bag plus a hand luggage. That wasn’t a problem. The problem was either with his hat, coat or Talis zekel or all three which this stewardess decided was extra luggage. I have flown many times and never saw a stewardess make an issue with a carry on unless the flight was full, and the bins were full and the last passengers who got on didn’t have room for their carry on. It doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  15. the problem here is that you can only get away with not following rules in ny. but in Florida where there’s law and order, you don’t get more right for being from Monroe. this is a chill Hashem big time.

  16. Yes! someone that discriminants Jews should be titled Nazi. Fact is, the Nazis did not start their mission by killing 6 million Jews. They rather began by discriminating Jews in many ways, including by not lettings them use public transportation. So not only the guards in Auschwitz where titled Nazis. No need to wait until the deportations begin to deserve the title Nazi.

  17. Wow I commented on the article before I noticed the video. Now I can say for certain this was discrimination. As I wrote above I saw on a full flights where the bins were full there may have been a problem but here it was obvious she was picking on him. The bin was practically empty. I’m sure Delta will say she followed the letter of the law.

  18. I wouldn’t have read this article if I would have known what it was about, we don’t call out other yidden on public forums online, even if your point is correct.

  19. I didn’t see any confrontational behaviour from this very polite, compliant man. Plus, if his luggage was supposed to be checked in, they should have told him before he was seated on the plane. The error was on the airline’s side.

  20. All airlines except one carry on and one personal luggage. and a שטריימעל is still in that category. here is a copy paste of the united airlines dimension’s.
    Personal items, such as shoulder bags, backpacks or laptop bags need to fit under the seat in front of you, so they must be 9 in. x 10 in. x 17 in. (22 cm. x 25 cm. x 43 cm.) or smaller.

  21. To jews lover
    As I commented above technically you’re correct but I have never seen such a thing happen except on full flight with full bins. His bin was almost empty. She was definitely picking on him.

  22. to ah yid

    antisemitism isn’t the same thing as “picking on him”. the flight attendant is responsible for safety in the airplane. and he was being uncooperative with direct, safety related instructions.

    i would not want to fly on any airline where passengers could disobey a crew member and still get to stay on the flight.

  23. YWN is a leftist garbage propaganda website!

    This is total nonsense by comparing someones actions to a Nazi isn’t hurtful to all those victims. We all have grandparents who were well alive and somehow weren’t hurt when these comments were made it’s simply referencing to a bad act.

    As I have commented many times here in YWN, the so called Frum YWN is a leftist garbage propaganda, who’s going down the same exact path as all the other liberal media outlets.

    They are so concerned about how we word everything that it starts to become a crime. What was normal a few years ago is a crime today.

    To dress up as a blackface has become a crime in the liberal world even though he’s merely just wanting to dress up, in the liberal world it’s very hurtful.

    Being a white person is also crime and hurtful according to many liberals. In many schools they are teaching the kids how to undo their whiteness!

    To call someone the wrong pronouns to what someone prefers is a crime as well in the liberal world.

    Wake up you dumb people!

    Stop being so hurt and just live a normal life that was few years ago before these progressives came up with new terms of being hurtful.

    You can choose to live a normal life or live like a sick liberal moron piece of crap.

    P.S.Well don’t get me wrong here I don’t think NAZI was the best choice of words to use especially if it wasn’t clear there was any antisemitism involved at all.

  24. The honest truth is I’ve always wondered how the frum got away with it, cuz they have the suitcase and the hatbox and the jacket they all put in the overhead. The hatbox is not like a personal item. It’s like a suitcase. Just saying.

  25. He put too much luggage in the overhead bins? He had his roller bag, had his Shtreimil case, his hat and his reckle…. AND THAT’S TOO MUCH? The bin still had room! So from the two plus minute video it seems like the flight attend was being nothing short of a pey tzadi, which makes sense considering what happens when you give someone a position of power that they don’t belong in.

    What would have been so difficult to ask him to put the hat box under the seat in front of him? It would have probably fit. But no, the flight attendant wanted to be an idiot. From the looks of the person, it looks like he would have been more than happy to put it under the seat in front of him had it been offered as a suggestion but Mambo flight attendant had to assert her position.

  26. I’m laughing at this YWN headline and story. Are you upset that they took a page out of your book? Why doesn’t it bother you when you say the same thing or when you do the same thing, or when you run sensational journalism stories like you do? Get off your high horse, you’re not so high!

  27. #1) Satmer has Twitter with what 14000 plus 😳.

    2) watched the video
    I fly Delta all the time the Chassid did NOT have too much bags. He had one bag with his jacket a hat and hat box which could have been consolidated.
    If you see the video the hat and hat box was all the way in the backend of the top. As is the practice if there is space in front other passengers put their bags in front.
    3) to the left of the chassid’s items the space was totally empty so whoever rated there is no space they were lied and the steward was stupid enough to take the bait (Lawsuit).

    4) Yes I strongly recommend everyone to write Delta and ask for an explanation because I have heard that their crew are very nasty towards Orthodox wearing garbs on flights to Israel as well.

    5) I am not sympathetic toward SATMER AND THEIR DOUBLE STANDARDS OF USING TWITTER AND SMART PHONES AND BURNING UP JERUSALEM STREETS AND STORES. And to say say Nazi????? Shhheeee please give me a break. The Rebbe make back room deals with the Nazis all the lon. Please !!!!!

  28. I personally witnessed two times that the overhead bin above was overloaded and in the middle of the flight it popped open and luggage fell down and both times the persons sitting under the bin, they both got hurt.
    I only fly about once a year. I am sure it happened several times not just those two times.

  29. I don’t care which Satmar branch you belong to – he is Rav Aron Teitelbaum, non of this God awful nazi “aroini” narishkeit. How pitiful that there is a hava aminah to reffer to them as such. PLEASE give him and his chassidim the respect they deserve even if you aligne with the other Satmar branch. PLEASE!!!!

  30. shloimeboruch
    Is she a police officer or is she some stewardess whose power went to her head. Put yourself in this guy’s place There is an almost empty bin so off the bat there is a conflict which she initiated for no reason just to follow a rule book. Second, he wasn’t going to put his $5000 shtrimal into check in and I didn’t see him take a talis zekel so it must have been in his carry on. Most people would not put their Teffilin into check in that would be very irresponsible if it got lost. So if you were in his place what would you do?

  31. Why doesn’t some legal firm offer emergency travel insurance where anyone having problems can call their hotline and have a lawyer who knows travel law speak to the plane crew and if need be to the airline’s legal department. I suspect in most cases they could resolve all problems (airlines don’t like to be sued, staff don’t like having such things on their records, in some cases they might tell the passenger just to comply). For a small charge per flight, since such incidents are pretty rare, they could make a lot of money. What do the lawyers out there think?

  32. Maybe once I would have found this shocking, but years of reading “shocking” headlines on YWN have desensitised me. I would now only be shocked if the Jewish man who was kicked off the flight flapped his arms and took off, or if he turned out to be a turkey in disguise.

  33. First of all YW your anti satmer rant is DISGUSTING! That people compare to holocaust is to prove a point ! We don’t want to be discriminated against . This is galus and we mustn’t forget but sitting by silently isn’t always the answer either !

  34. Plain black antisemite, being all polite. What hurts most is that no one cared. Yes this is dormant nazisim of the most dangerous type. Beware of blacks

  35. Shouldn’t surprise us one bit,these Satmar haters have even been calling the Israeli government and the Jews who support then Nazi’s.
    Therefore why be surprised if they call non Jews Nazi’s.
    As a matter of fact these insane haters, blame the holocaust on Zionism,it’s the Zionists who are responsible for the murder of six million Jews.
    No use arguing with these insane haters

    Just some advice on how to pack for a 4-5 day trip if you don’t check in luggage. First get a plastic for your talis. You can put some things in there. Get a large carry on bag that will fit under the seat. This cannot be another carry on. This has to be a personal bag. I put my talis in there with any food I need for the trip. I try to minimize on the seforim I take unless I go for Shabbos. I downloaded Sefaria on my phone. So for everyday learning I have that. In your carry on suit case put as much clothing as possible. If you fold your clothing the right way you can fit at least 5 days worth of clothing a towel or two, a bekeshe, a pair of pants. Obviously if you need a beach towel it won’t work. I take one hat usually not a new one. I try to put it on top of my carry on in the bin. usually its safe there. If You must have a hat box or you need a different suit and shoes for the 5 day trip. this won’t work. I’m also not sure what to do with a shtrimal any more suggestions?

  37. I’m reminded of a saying I heard once that when confronted with problems some people instinctively look for someone to blame and some people look for solutions.

  38. i dont understand why are there sooo many jews here looking and trying to be dan lekaf zechus a goy rather then a yid, you can hear in the tone of voice here that its just stupid narrow mindedness against the name satmor….. if you look at the video he had one hand luggage and not more… why does everyone here prefer to jump to being dan a goy lekaf zechus… instead look at the video again…

  39. i dont get this….. why are there soooo many jews here loving to be dan lekaf zechus a goy rather then a yid…. i think its just stupid narrow mindedness against the name satmor…. come on guys and grow up….. you sound like the little kids saying chasidim smell,,, chasidim dont use soap,,, yeah this is what you guys sound like…… instead look at the video again and you will see he has got ”one hand luggage”

  40. Umm, I’m so sorry but this man did not have too much luggage.
    And I’m afraid YWN is quite guilty of using the Anti-Semitic card too quickly.
    Do I think this “Satmar affiliated” Twitter account is out of bounds calling them Nazis? Of course.
    Worthy of a lengthy article seemingly out to bash Satmar? NO, never. NO Yiddishe mosad belongs being singled out by “Yeshiva”world or any frum media source, for that matter.

  41. Whether he did or didn’t have too much luggage is irrelevant. Just don’t be an idiot and make a scene, and if you do, live with the consequences. And whether antisemitism played a role in starting the incident is also not relevant. Sorry, but antisemitism is and was always a thing to one degree or another, and we need to learn how to live in a mildly antiseptic society without creating scenes and resorting to calling everyone second person a Nazi.

  42. If the white stewdardess overlooked the fact that many white passengers put more than one item in the overhead, but the Black passenger is told to remove his extra items – is that not racist?!

    Selective enforcement of rules – depending on who the passenger is, is racist or antisimetic.

  43. In the supermarket express lane for 22 items or less, you watch the checkout lady being easy going and allowing the people in line ahead of you with a few extra items above the 12 limit.

    But then the checkout lady refuses to ring you up because you have 13 items – and you realize why you are treated different: because of the color of your skin, or your religion..

    Yes technically yoi have an extra item, but that was no problem for the “right kind of folks”, but it’s a problem for you because of WHO YOU ARE.

  44. Fact: be careful, the incidence of antisemitism in the black community is much higher than others. Better safe than sorry if you don’t want trouble. They don’t need much to be triggered and don’t seem to have an elaborate thought process. Avoid trouble.

  45. I was shocked to see the antisemitic story – and that is NOT even the shocking part
    The shocking part was that an official Jewish site is acting like a antisemitic site as well
    It’s a shame 😔
    You can deliver news but NO One is interested in your השקפה
    No one asked you for your opinion !!!