NYC Mayor Compares Self to Toothpaste Company, Launches Newsletter to Bypass “Distorted” Media


A frustrated New York City Mayor Eric Adams compared himself to a toothpaste manufacturer in announcing a taxpayer-funded newsletter from his office to bypass “distorted” media coverage of his administration.

“You can report a distorted version of what I say. I want to speak directly to the people of this city and hear directly from the person they elected,” Adams said in announcing the newsletter.

“Columnists would give their opinions, reporters would just report the news. Now, I don’t know who’s the columnist and who’s the reporter,” he said. “By the time I speak at a press conference and then I read the story, I say, ‘Were we at the same press conference?’”

Adams added that he believes Colgate, the toothpaste company, is still in business more than 150 years after being founded because it is not at the “mercy” of tabloid media.

“I’m not at your mercy. If Colgate was at the mercy of the tabloids, they would go out of business. So, I am the Colgate. I can’t go out of business,” he said.

“We’ve accomplished so much in our first year — from expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to making quality child care affordable for all New Yorkers and more. But none of those accomplishments mean anything if New Yorkers don’t know about them and aren’t using them. That changes now,” he said.

The New York Daily News reported that the newsletter is expected to cost taxpayers $75,000 a year.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)