WATCH THIS: Reporter with Long History of Anti-Hasidic Reporting Gets SHREDDED in Blooming Grove


Blaise Gomez, a News12 reporter who has made a name for herself as being unapologetically biased against Hasidic Jews, got a taste of her own medicine on Friday when she made the mistake of walking into the Blooming Grove municipal building on Friday to ask more biased questions.

Upon entering, Gomez was greeted by Assistant to the Mayor Joel Stern who proceeded to take a wrecking ball to the reporter’s supposed objectivity in her reporting on Hasidic Jews. Stern pressed her to explain why she allows antisemitic comments remain up on her Facebook page, which Gomez attempted to deflect by telling him to contact News12 – despite it being her personal page.

Also noting that it was Holocaust Remembrance Day, Stern put Gomez’s feet to the fire over why she is constantly looking to dig up dirt on Hasidic Jews but never seems interested in reporting any of the positive stories coming out of the community.

YWN notes that Gomez is a well-known thorn in the Jewish community and has long run around trying to find negative stories to report about them. Many of her stories prompt hundreds of antisemitic comments on her social media platforms and make their way around actual hate outlets in upstate New York.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. That wasn’t an interview by either side. It was just a trash of a woman talking her piece while facing a person who had his questions all of which were totally ignored. What a waste of time!

  2. Blaise Gomez is an insecure piece of trash. I’ve been following her for years. She is a cold blooded jew hater. Facts.

    Joel Stern destroyed this garbage pail. The fact is, she harbors all these anti-semitic comments. She prob writes half of them using fake screen names.

    About time someone stood up to this dirt bag.

  3. I think this has motivated me to hire a top notch private detective and follow this creep around and record her every single move and expose her and bring her down. I guarantee you she has some real evil skeletons in her closet, and I am not referring to her ex husband drama. She is a real lowlife. I smell a rat, and plan on finishing this rat off and going public.

    This literally motivated me. Thanks Blaise. See you on the front page of a newspaper soon.

  4. Lowlife or not no one shredded anyone with the exception of the other in the background explaining that the construction project is complying with the DEP I heard the assistant mayor speaking over her for 5 minutes.
    But I guess it was fun for him

  5. This has become a new obsession of frum yidden to “Respond” to the media and news. It doesn’t work and you don’t “win” that way. Just ignore – by responding you provide a platform and legitimacy to them.

  6. Oh, she got what she deserved. She did go in trying to get the drop on this guy only to fall into her own trap. The exact moment (for these obnoxious posters who said nothing happened) was when the man asked her if she did not approve of anti-Semitism why did she not delete those vile, anti-Jewish comments on her FB page? Like a deer in headlights! Thank you YWN!

  7. Maybe these officials can just answer her questions and not attack her during an interview. Her career will only be more successful if she gets the reputation of a hard-hitting reporter who gets politicians angry. If there are anti-Semitic comments on a website, then address those with your own comments.

  8. Gomez the con artist went on Facebook after they wiped the floor with her and cried to her Facebook friends that this was so sexist of them because, she says, they would never talk this way to a man. 🤣

  9. Yup. That’s the way they do it. My brother in law is a principal in a MO school. A mother of a child came in yelling at him and accusing him of educational malpractice. When he spoke back to her strongly, she told him that he may not speak that way to a woman. Although I happen to believe the! that it isn’t productive to do so, it is totally fair game if “she started it”. But they make up the rules and stack the deck against you.

  10. The assistance mayor has a good point about her facebook page, but, still, I think it is his job to respond to the reporter’s questions, even if she is an annoying person. When she says that he wants to talk to mayor, the response is “he is doing his job” … He is the mayor, even people who disagree with him should be able to find him. Maybe I just don’t know how things are done in NY area.

  11. That is wrong. They have no obligation, legal or otherwise to answer a reporter’s question. And remember she is out to maliciously give Jews “a black eye”. They don’t have to assist her in hurting themselves. Ridiculous.

  12. After thinking about this for a while, I think he could have scored more points by asking the same tough questions in a softer and more cordial tone. You do catch more bees with honey.

  13. Let’s say it’s true that a public official does not have to answer questions.
    And let’s say he can say “I refuse to answer” or he can remain silent.
    But is it also true that he’s allowed to lie, to say that the mayor is out in the village, doing business, in Kiryas Yoel, when he’s actually in Albania?

    BTW, I had never heard of this reporter, but I did look at her Facebook page and did not see the types of comments mentioned here, at least not in any of the recent postings.