CAN’T MAKE IT UP: Illegal Immigrants Fleeing NYC to Get Away From Its Drugs, Homeless People


How bad is New York City doing? So bad that migrants who entered the country illegally to escape adverse conditions in their home countries are now asking to be shipped up to Canada, where they believe they have better opportunities and would be around fewer homeless people.

The Big Apple has become one of the centers of the migrant crisis, with thousands of them having been shipped to the city by Republican governors down south, and many are being housed in ritzy hotels – for free. But that’s not enough for them because the city itself is a wreck.

“I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family,” one migrant, named Raymond Peña told The New York Post.

“A lot of the Americans used drugs there,” another migrant said. “I feel like Canada will be safer. It is a much quieter country than America.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. That filthy Demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating DemonRat, who is masquerading as President, has turned our once great country into a third word Marxist hell hole.

  2. It seems very reasonable. Most of the illegal immigrants today (unlike the immediate past) are refugees from socialist regimes who were middle class until they were forced to flee. Ironically, these are the sorts of persons who are ideally suited to integrate into the American economy: middle class with western values and already steeped in American-influence culture.

  3. The country is exactly where it deserves to be. That’s what they (you leftists YWN readers included) voted for and that’s what they’re getting.