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TERRIFYING: Iran “Mapping” Jewish Communities to Attack, Shocking Report Says

A new report states that Iran is working on “mapping” Jewish communities outside of Israel to unleash an assassination campaign in the event Israel attacks its nuclear facilities.

The plan, which was reportedly unveiled at a top-secret meeting in Tehran, involved identifying important Jewish figures around the world, as well as how and where to attack them.

The dastardly plot was revealed to Catherine Perez-Shakdam, a Jewish woman who was granted an audience with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini, who told her  “the diaspora would have a very nasty surprise” if Israel attacked them. The Iranian leader did not know she was Jewish.

“He believes Netanyahu’s threats and he knows that, for now, Israel is militarily superior,” she says.

At a closed event she was invited to, she was told that Iranian officials are working “to identify all the prominent NGOs run by Jews, who was doing what in each business sector, the important rabbis. They wanted to figure out their influence and where they lived with their families in order to target them.”

Let us daven that Iran’s evil plots never see the light of day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. as the brisker ruv said “the medinah will only bring shfichas dumim (bloodshed) to yiden”,
    since the world war 2 there was no place in the all globe that Jews has been killed like in this medinah day after day ,even in Iran itself where they are killing and hanging people, the Jews are not getting killed, they are not scared to go on the streets “ani matir es besarchem” hasem yrachem olainu

  2. it is time to say for Hashem OK we are doing tshoova , we don’t want any more from deep of oure hearth, and not interesting any more to have a medinah before Mashiach, please Hashem we trust you you know how to take care

  3. Satmer Rebbe Neturi Karta has no worries.

    But for the rest of us,
    I am sure whoever got an Audience with his emmenance was vetted extremely well and they knew who and how to plant the news that will leak.
    Recently the Iranians offered 3 (I think Romanians) to Eliminate a outspoken Iranian opposition reporter on US soil. Plan failed because of various reasons and were arrested.

    They had the audacity to even think of such a thing because of WEAK US policies and OPEN BORDERS.?

    FYI last week an Iranian terrorist was being transferred in the trunk of a car in southern border inside to the heartland. He had plenty of cash and allegedly told the police his name and why he was in US. He was found to be a member of Iranian IRGC.

    Thank you Mr. President
    That’s scary.

  4. They are unlikely to attack Jews in a country that: 1) is mad at Iran to begin with, which in particular includes countries that are support Ukraine; 2) has sufficient armed forces to strike back, This probably means they won’t attack Jews in the major English-speaking countries or NATO.

  5. HJtE4UEh – you took the words right out of my mouth!

    We should be working together with Iran to fight Zionism instead of whining about their denial of the so-called “Holocaust.”

  6. There are always those Aliyah people who are just waiting (as they had yesterday with the LA shootings. Suspects sustained graze wounds to the arms) to fly out of the woodwork and preach to us that only in the medina can a Jew be safe and to grab our passports and flee immediately. Naftali or Square Root. Yet they are nowhere to be found after the Neve Yakov shootings or Paley ramming. This foolish shtick only works on the uneducated and weak-minded. It is very easy to make Aliyah when you get a check from your parents in the US. The people who leave and are tzubruchen are those who took the bait but don’t have a mommy and daddy to “help them out”.They often claim to be CEOs of businesses that they started. Ha! They never reveal how they are able to make Aliyah.

  7. I know what the Brisker Rav said, what the Rashab of lubavitch said, what almost all gedolei Yisroel held about ZIONISM. However, once there’s a medinah, the question needs to be changed to whats best for Israeli security, influence of harreidi power, sustenance, etc… Understand that the holy rbe”y of satmar had a shitas yechiduyu to the extreme and most gedolei Yisroel were and are concerned how to help the yiddin in E”Y now. So I’m not sure where your comment is leading to!

  8. I can’t believe it

    I thought the Iranians (as evident from the meeting with religious leaders) have no problem with the Jewish people and only have a problem with Israel

    This shows they view all Jews the same (even the ones in Iran mind you)

    But we know it to be true

    עוצה עצה ותופר דברו דבר ולא יקום כי עמנו א-ל

  9. HJtE4UEh: I don’t think I’ve ever read a more vile, stupid and inaccurate commentary on the role of the medinah as an existential necessity for klal yisroel. You and any rabbonim you may quote are entitled to adhere to these misguided beliefs but the reality is that but for the existence of the medinah, the number of yidden who would have been niftar in the post-shoah decades would have been an order of magnitude higher.

  10. @HJtE4UEh wtf are you talking about? Jewish history prior to 1948 is filled with pogroms and murder at a much larger scale than today. Please open a history book.

  11. Wow it’s a good thing Iran doesn’t have internet or read yeshiva world because if they did they would now know this woman is jewish…it’s a good thing we know how to keep secrets

  12. @GADOLHATORAH- “Vile”.The definition of that word is when the Medinah joins forces with those who wish to wipe us out (R’L) and pay them money from the Bituach Leumi to have more anti-Jewish babies…who might grow up to be terrorists. The Medina pays Arab Knesset members to incite war against Jews and lets them vote on the law of Who is a Jew. That is a necessity for Jews? On what planet? Jews can’t defend themselves because the government took away their guns and those who do have them have to account for the 50 bullets (every single one of them) while the terrorist lead the Life of Riley in jail as their victims rot in their graves! Every attempt to stop terror has to be argued with the powers that be. They make sure Jews are prey for the wild animals because of the bakshish shochad they get to sell us out.


    “I thought the Iranians have no problem with the Jewish people and only have a problem with Israel.”


    Jews who lived in Muslim nations were constantly persecuted for 1,400 years, ever since the first generation of Muslims, because that is required by the rules of Islam.

    Muslim oppression against Jews included:
    special taxes on Jews, forced conversions by the thousands, destruction of synagogues, Jews not able to testify in any court against any Muslims, Jews forbidden to own weapons or ride horses, and many other things that would shock modern people.

    Even Mohammed himself, the founder of Islam, proudly massacred entire communities of Jews, who lived in Arabia in his times. And he did not care if they were kosher or traif – he just killed them all.
    Even today, many millions of his followers glorify him for doing this, and they try to imitate what he did.

    The Koran (chapter 5, verse 82) teaches that Jews [and polytheists] are “THE WORST ENEMIES OF MUSLIMS”. Not just enemies of Muslims, but “THE WORST” enemies of Muslims.
    This verse from The Koran does not make any distinction between kosher Jews and traif Jews – nor does it make any distinction between pro-Zionist Jews and anti-Zionist Jews.

    Other ancient Islamic writings teach [many times] that The Last Day cannot come until ALL [100%] of Jews are DEAD – with no distinction between kosher Jews and traif Jews, and no distinction between pro-Zionist Jews and anti-Zionist Jews. According to Islam, ALL JEWS must eventually die – with no exceptions made for “Frum” Jews, and no exceptions made for anti-Zionist Jews.

  14. “Understand that the holy rbe”y of satmar had a shitas yechiduyu to the extreme”
    ccb45 you might be to young to remember but during the Yom Kippur war when it went very bad for Israel around Hoshana Raba time and Israel threatened to take out weapons that they never used, the Satmar Rebbe z”l (i’m not satmar) ordered all all his chasidim around the world to say Tehilim.

  15. ccb45:
    “However, once there’s a medinah, the question needs to be changed to whats best for Israeli security…”

    The Brisker Rav lived in that same “medinah”. He knew very well that Jews were living there and never did anything to try to support Israel’s “security”.

    Instead, he noted that we daven three times a day “viLaMalshinim” against the State and “ViSechezena eineienu biShuvcha…” that Hashem return to E”Y.

  16. ac23:
    Don’t use curse words, especially when you’re wrong and going against the gedolim who saw both before and after the State.

    Until the Zionists started pushing their life-endangering heresy over a century ago, there was never a threat to Jews (other than possibly Beitar which, like Zionism, was a gross violation of the oaths). The Holocaust happened because of Zionism. This is historical fact.

    It is unbelievable that Jews should need to worry about some rasha thousands of miles away just because of the Zionists Big Lie that the Zionists represent Jewry (that was Herzl’s SR”Y invention) and the other part of that Big Lie that the Zionist State is the Jewish State.

    Zionism is anti-Jewish in every way, and the Zionist State is Zionist, not Jewish.

  17. ac23:
    There was never a situation in galus in which Jews would need to forever live by the sword (as the Zionist leader proudly proclaimed) and were at never-ending risk of slaughter R”L L”A as has happened in the Zionist State.

  18. –> Diaspora Jews should start security preparation not just because of Iran but also to protect ourselves from the countless anti-semite goyim and arabs living on nearby streets who will be angry and extremely violent towards Jews once the IDF pummels Hezbollah to dust in the upcoming war with Iran.

    –> the jewish community in Iran need to seriously prepare & make plans to move out ASAP and not risk a hostage crisis if there is ever a full-blown war between Iran and Israel.

    –> @Yossi_Shtup: “the so-called “Holocaust”” are you kidding me?

    –> yes HJtE4, and all the anti-zionist chareidim faired much better choosing to stay put in Europe with their communities instead of following “the evil zionists” to Eretz Yisrael in the 1930s…

  19. You delusional imbeciles think that there wasn’t bloodshed before Israel? Before Israel got its independence, 6 million Jews died. Stop blaming antisemitism on israel.

    The only Jews the Iranians have permission to kill (and torture horrendously) is the Neturei Karta.

  20. The Medinah???
    He’s doing the exact same as Hitler and Haman
    He knows there are Rabbis who are not lobbying for Israel and he would kill them too.

  21. HaKatan, the product of Zionism is a successful state that has brought back millions of Jews of all types from around the world in a major קיבוץ גלויות (which is exactly what we have been davening for,) supports the Torah learning of over 100,000 yidden in the land and has brought a place of safety for millions of Jews Worldwide after the Holocaust.

    The Kuzari writes that participating in settling ארץ ישראל with love for our holy ancestral land that hashem gave us (which is literally zionism), brings the גאולה closer and brings the שכינה of Hashem more into the world. All of the torah and mitzvos that one does in Chutz Laaretz only has value to the extent that it will allow himself and future generations to remember how to keep torah & mitzvos when getting back to ארץ ישראל and are able to fulfill the mitzvos properly there.

    Zionism is from the Torah. Israel is not a “Zionist thug-ocracy” like you’ve repeatedly called it in the past, and the only avodah zarah here is coming from Neturei Karta buffoons like yourself and @Yossi_Shtup that follow a totally twisted and dangerous form of yiddishkeit that borders on מסירה

  22. Whether Medina was allowed to be established al pi torah or not.
    Fact is that there are 7 Million Yidden in EY now.
    Fact is that our most or very many of our ‘cousins’ ,live, act and educate their children according to the slogan which tell the yidden there that they have to choose between the coffin and the suitcase r”l.
    Fact is that you cannot rely al derech hateva , not on the un , not on nato, not on the eu , not on the usa .
    Fact is that no nation is willing to have their boys killed to protect strangers in a foreign land.
    Fact is that once you let these guys loose , there simply is no limit , just look at syria, libyia ,yemen , iraq and the list goes on .
    After you honestly think about all these facts , many, if not most of the, comments on these pages are not relevant anymore.

  23. @YWN Mods – I would suggest you take a look at HJtE4UEh‘s posts throughout various articles and make the determination for yourself if this person should be posting on your site…

  24. Wow YWN, I really don’t understand how you are allowing your platform to be overtaken by a bunch of Neturei Karta fanatics slandering EY. Do you not have moderators for a reason?

  25. I’m very surprised that no one has made mention of the amazing hashgacha pratis – bayamim hahem bizman hazeh

    Its Shabbos mevorchin ADAR – and the leader of PARAS makes a gzeira lehashmid laharog ule’abeid…bekol medinot…. And this is all revealed to a JEWISH WOMAN who the Leader does not know is Jewish!!!

  26. I think all this terrible confusion can be solved with a little brisker lomdus
    There are tzvei dinim; There is the cheftza of a sovereign Jewish nation state in its ancestral homeland Eretz Yisroel. Then there is the Gavra i.e. they are the people that live in Israel and the people who govern it. The fact that this cheftza exists is the greatest miracle of all time and everyone everywhere knows that and either like the Muslims, hates it or like the Christians, loves it. Period. As for the people who live there and govern it I will say let Hashem be the judge but I would think twice before bashing the chosen people. At any rate if you really care about the cheftza having better gavras, just stop the banter and get your “better” gavra self over here.

  27. Yossi the antisemite wrote: We should be working together with Iran to fight Zionism”

    That is treason against the Jewish people. If you were before a proper beis din it would sentence you to death for that.

  28. @Hakatan

    “Until the Zionists started pushing their life-endangering heresy over a century ago, there was never a threat to Jews”

    Once again demonstrating that your knowledge of history is abysmally bad.

  29. Milhouse – thanks for the compliment! When a Zionist apikores such as yourself labels a yid as an antisemite and wishes that beis din sentence me to death, you can rest assured that the yid is following true Daas Torah.

    As Neturei Karta state: We are against Israel BECAUSE we are Jews!!

  30. of course wicked anti-zionist “chareidi” רשעים will find a way to blame the IDF and Israel for this instead of the evil antisemitic menace which is the Iranian regime…

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