STUNNING SILENCE: Biden Ignoring Blatant Antisemitism From Major Dem Influencer Calling For Second Holocaust

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Fox News host and conservative radio commentator Mark Levin blasted Democrats for tolerating anti-Semitism on the left, highlighting a recent event by led by notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan, in which he attacked and smeared Jewish people.

“Jewish power has all of our people the knowledge, wisdom, and talent afraid. But just look at what these people control. And every door that leads to power, they have a sentinel on watch. Somebody has to take on the synagogue of Satan. And here we are. What good is your vote if the man you voted for has to go to somebody that you never elected? Behind the door to get instructions. And the Jews have become wealthy just by loaning money, charging you interest and the stranglehold the Jews have on this government,” Farrakhan said at a “Saviors Day” event.

Levin pointed out that nobody on the left even bothered to condemn Farrakhan’s remarks, despite his influence on the Democratic Party.

“Is there a reason Joe Biden didn’t condemn this? Is there a reason Kamala Harris didn’t condemn this? Is there a reason why nobody at the White House has mentioned it? Is there a reason why the Washington press corps blows this off? Yeah, there are reasons for this,” Levin said.

He noted that the Congressional Black Caucus even invited Farrakhan for lunch on Capitol Hill.

“Why did they invite this man? Because the Democrat Party has a problem,” he said.

He then read a portion of an article from Kevin Williamson at the National Review.

“They have a major problem in the form of Jew-hating weirdos. Prominent among them, the Reverend Louis Farrakhan of the so-called Nation of Islam. Farrakhan has been out and proud, Jew-hating weirdo for many decades. But Democrats still feel the need to make gestures of obeisance before him. Anti-Trump leaders such as Tamika Mallory or Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March, have embraced Farrakhan and courted his favor. Barack Obama came a-calling in 2005 when he was ramping up his political career. The Congressional Black Caucus has consulted him. Bill Clinton stood alongside him at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, implicitly elevating the cult leader. California Democrats Barbara Lee, now wants to be a senator, and Maxine Waters attended Farrakhan’s public events, and Obama administration veteran, Eric Holder, posed for a picture with him,” Williamson wrote.

“Farrakhan is an anti-Semite. About that there is no real debate. Eric Holder. Maxine Waters. Others who confer status and influence on Farrakhan and his gang. Maybe they aren’t anti-Semitic. They certainly are collaborators.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hiddush? Al Sharpton (who organized he Crown Heights pogrom in 1991) has been considered a leading elder of the Democrats for a generation. And in general,the whole “woke” movement is openly anti-Semitic. Only a fool would be shocked by Biden working with open anti-Semites.

  2. Biden didn’t comment. Neither did Trump nor anyone on the right or left. At this point, there are arguments as to whether it is helpful to comment on these mindless rants from known antisemites who voice such garbage daily and weekly. Do you continue to publicize their rants and give them more publicity? Silence is dangerous but hyping their words gives them the publicity they are seeking.

  3. Farrakhan is NOT a major Democratic influencer. Just a YWN false headline.

    I have been a delegate to state and National Democratic conventions and my vote has influence. He has no vote and is ignored by the party as he produces no money and delivers no votes on Election Day.

  4. Come on guys, use your heads. He is not a “Dem influencer.” He speaks to a small segment of haters. Maybe if they vote at all then yes, they will vote democrat. Did Biden ever meet with this hate-mongerer? Often it’s best for an influential person (i.e the president) to ignore hate speech, since condemning it helps spread hate speech and gives the hater fame by his very recognition. That’s something Trump never understood. He met with antisemites and this has given them a bogger audience. How’s that for comparisson? He also met with N Korea leader and other outcasts.

  5. I cannot speak for the White House, but the reason I did not condemn Farrakhan is because I was not aware he was speaking to anyone. I now condemn him. Least of all, he is giving a bad name to people who wear bowties. Most of all, he is a raging anti-Semite. He is also giving a bad name to fools.

  6. @Sara Rifka – I am a bit curious. Do you also spell it G*HINOM? What in the world is wrong with the word hell? If CHaZa”L use it, why can’t we?

    But yes, he will certainly go to hell, but maybe not rot there. That would be getting off way too easy.

  7. Louis Farrakhan is not a ‘Dem influencer’ and it’s not Biden’s job to condemn him. The fact that the media isn’t giving him too much attention is a good thing in every way.
    Stop crying wolf. Focus on the actual issues.

  8. Why would this even be news, why would this deserve a headline?.
    The DemonRat party has morphed into a bona-fide,treasonous America hating terrorist loving Marxist political party.
    And of course that includes their leader, that demented Alzheimer’s diseased
    treasonous DemonRat in the White House.
    If these rats loath and hate their own country and it’s citizens, why on earth would we expect them not to hate Israel and Jews.

    What is surprising and absolutely mind boggling, is that these filthy antisemites and traitors still garner over 70% of the Jewish votes.

  9. CB: Wash, rinse, repeat….has anyone explained to you are actually allowed to post “new” comments on different threads or do you simply paste the same stupid nareshkeit in response to every news story.

  10. Anyone remember the last time Biden invited anti semites and neonazis to dinner? Neither do I.
    I do remember an immoral lying adulterer doing it though.

  11. Sure, he’s not a democrat influencer, we absolutely should totally ignore this mishugena –
    said all the Jews in Germany in1933 about hitler yemach shemo v’zichro.

  12. Truth be told both parties hate the Jews. Some are open about it and others are not but make no mistake about it nobody likes us.

  13. Deny it as much as you will, but the fact remains that he is an influential figure in the Democrat Party, as evidenced in the article. The fact is that he has been an honored guest at the Congressional Black Caucus, that Holder posed for a picture with him, Clinton appeared publicly with him, Lee and Waters attended his events. That makes him an influential figure. And of course Sharpton is even more influential.

    The fact is that antisemitism is no bar to being welcome and respected in the Democrat Party.

    Whereas no antisemite has any role at all in the Republican Party. No antisemite is welcome at any Republican event. Even Pat Buchanan could not be openly antisemitic when he was in the GOP, and he left the party 30 years ago. Jim Baker is in his 90s and no longer relevant; and he’s not really an antisemite anyway, just not our favorite person.