Boro Park: CB 12 Meets with DSNY Commissioner, Elected Officials, Community Leaders and Local Businesses


On Monday, Community Board 12 hosted a meeting, organized by Senior Advisor to the Mayor Joel Eisdorfer, with New York City’s Department of Sanitation Commissioner to discuss ways to clean up the district. Commissioner Jessica Tisch took on the job because she is “obsessed with cleaning up the city.” Though she has been commissioner for less than a year, there have already been noticeable improvements in the delivery of services resulting in real changes to the city’s cleanliness. She increased various impactful services, such as basket collection and mechanical broom routes.

The Commissioner was joined by her Assistant Chief James Miglino and Chief of Staff, Mr. Ryan Merola. Also in attendance were Councilman Kalman Yeger; Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Joel Eisdorfer; Commissioner of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, Fred Kreizman; Commanding Officer of NYPD Community Affairs, Inspector Richie Taylor; 48th Assembly District Leader, Pinny Ringel; Chairman of CB12’s Sanitation Committee, Rabbi Berish Freilich; and District Manager Barry Spitzer.

They were joined by local business leaders from a cross-section of industries who service the district and beyond. They each got a chance to share their concerns and suggestions with the commissioner.

The commissioner began the meeting by saying that she recognizes that sanitation is an “essential service” and treats her job as such. She continued by asking for input on how DSNY can improve service to achieve the goal of a cleaner district. Based on the feedback from those in attendance as well as conversations with community leaders and elected officials, the commissioner committed to working closely with the community on solutions.

Commissioner Tisch recognized the real effects from large private schools and yeshivas not having daily trash collections and committed to genuine efforts to returning to daily collections, if feasible. She heard business owners’ frustration with illegal dumping and in response said she would extend DSNY’s camera program to the district to catch offenders, who would then be subject to a $4,000 fine and their vehicles impounded. Commissioner Kreizman added that if anybody knows of a dumping hotspot, they should notify the Community Board who will work with Sanitation to get anti-dumping resources to that location.

Commissioner Tisch asked for partnership with the community as “keeping the city clean is a team effort.” DSNY will increase its efforts, and residents and businesses must recognize their responsibility to keep their sidewalk and 18 inches into the street clean. She recognized the commitment of Mayor Adams who ensured unprecedented level of investment in DSNY that enables her to increase services and implement innovative cleaning initiatives.

The commissioner acknowledged the unique challenges Pesach brings to the community. She also acknowledged that the April 1st rollout of a new rule requiring that trash is placed curbside at 8 pm instead of at 4 pm, coincides with pre-Pesach cleaning. Therefore, to alleviate any confusion and extra burden, Commissioner Tisch announced that a 30-day grace period would be allowed during which there would be no enforcement for trash placed out at the previously allowed 4pm.

District Manager Barry Spitzer thanked the commissioner for her efforts, “a lot of what we deal with in the office is Sanitation related. So, we thank Commissioner Tisch for taking time out of her busy schedule to come to our office and really commit to doing her best. It means a lot to us and our community.”

“The Sanitation Department has one of the most important jobs in our city,” said Councilman Kalman Yeger. “Clean neighborhoods and efficient sanitation services are imperative for New Yorkers’ health and the economic viability of our city. I’m grateful to Commissioner Tisch for her keen understanding of the challenges facing our neighborhood, and for her commitment to strengthening our partnership in the common goal of a clean New York.”

Commissioner Fred Kreizman said, “the mayor’s administration is all about getting stuff done. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between all city agencies and the community, and this is what today’s meeting was all about.”

CB12 Sanitation Committee Chairman, Rabbi Freilich, highlighted the longstanding good relationship the community has had with the Department going back many years.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)