WATCH: Police Disperse Leftists With Water Cannons, Right-Wingers Protest For Reform


Leftists launched protests across Israel against the Netanyahu government on Motzei Shabbos.

Protesters who blocked the Route 65 highway in northern Israel at the Karkur Junction refused police orders to move to the side of the highway.

The police dispersed the crowd with water cannons and arrested seven protesters for disturbing the public and refusing police orders.

Protesters in Tel Aviv blocked the Ayalon Highway. A number of protesters were arrested as police officers attempted to disperse the crowd.

Right-wing supporters of the judicial reform protested in several places across the country.

In Tel Aviv, clashes broke out between left and right-wing protesters and police had to separate the two groups.

In Hertzliya, a fight broke out between protesters and a driver, who allegedly rammed into a protester.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I have to say, the last time I was in Jerusalem and it got skunk sprayed over Peleg protesters against the army kidnapping bochrim, all I could think was how they really have no respect for the sanctity of Jerusalem. Especially Jerusalem. It’s now apparent they use the water canons in Tel Aviv and save the skunk spray canons for Jerusalem only.

  2. Israel needs a good war to bring the country together. Unfortunately, it always takes an enemy to unite our people. We don’t learn from our history.

  3. Protest is easy, to sit with the government and explain logically changes is more difficult, but it is neccesary for a civil society.

  4. The Government of Israel has a difficult time explaining what they are about to do. The Media is directing the conversation and confusing the public with their leftist lies and misinformation. Israel has no 1st amendment-constitutional laws allowing lies and misinformation to take place. But they do nothing about it. It is time to expose the leftists and the media and shut them down when they lie or misrepresent.

  5. ShimieG, the establishment agrees with you, which is why they’ll try to start a war, so that the people under duress will all unite and rally round their flag.

  6. Just to be clear, according to the footage the water cannons were sprayed over the crowd – nothing worse then the regular rainfall expected at this time of year. In Yerushalayim they spray the cannons directly at people, or through closed glass windows directly into people’s apartments, or wherever else they feel like.