WATCH: Netanyahu Announces Suspension Of Judicial Reform


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to Israelis on television on Monday evening at 8:05 p.m. and as expected, announced the freezing of the government’s judicial reform plan.

Earlier Monday evening, the Otzma Yehudit party announced that it had reached an agreement with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the judicial reform legislation will be postponed until the Knesset summer session to allow time for negotiations with the opposition.

Netanyahu was set to announce the suspension of the judicial reform on Monday morning but delayed the step after Ben-Gvir threatened to dissolve the government.

At the same, it was agreed that the establishment of a National Guard under the Ministry of National Security – one of the Likud’s coalition promises to Ben-Gvir – will be approved at the next Cabinet meeting.

Ben-Gvir stated: “I agreed to remove the veto for the postponement of the legislation in exchange for a commitment from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the legislation will be brought to the Knesset for approval in the next session if no agreements are reached during the recess.”

Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in a right-wing protest outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on Monday evening, with the aim of supporting the government and promoting the judicial reform legislation.

Below, a right-wing crowd chants: “The nation demands judicial reform.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Watch how many of the current government will be arrested and charged with various “crimes” in order to remove them from the board. The police and the DOJ civil service are not going to just sit there waiting for the resistance to resume; they will fight back to retain their dictatorship, and they will use all the tactics they have used in the past, including the so-called “charges” against Netanyahu, none of which would be entertained for two seconds in any other country.

  2. There are middle ground positions that would fix some of the issues that most can agree upon (e.g. the chometz in hospitals stupidity) while still not giving the ruling coalition a one vote threshold for reversing judicial decisions or giving politicians protection from the judicial process. As part of any compromise, the left should agree on a one-time basis to give both Netanyahu and Deri the ability to continue governing so the issue is not personalized to currently serving members of the coalition. I’m amazed that a politician with Bibi’s skills allowed this to spiral out of control to a point it became an existential issue for the country.

  3. Was a delay or possibly the total dropping of reasonable judicial reforms the best option? Will the secular courts outweigh the Chief Rabbinate and Jewish religious courts? What will be the impact, will gay marriage be allowed in Israel, as well as other activities opposed to Torah values.

  4. Dorah,

    Woke fascists are never interested in compromise, not when they’re in the majority and certainly not when they’re in the minority. Elections only matter to them when they win.

    Since these thugs are your woke coreligionists you’re well aware of this already. This is just another of your disingenuous cut-and-paste posts advocating compromise.

  5. Were you in Jerusalem today? I was. I was across the street from the Knesset. Everyone I saw was walking calmly and peacefuly with flags. Families, elderly, students, people from all walks of life. These people aren’t “thugs.” People are allowed to protest something which is a major change in a nations law. The people who call ALL of them “thugs” should look in the miror.

  6. Why should such an issue tear apart Jews in Eretz Yisroel? It would have been advisable to have negotiated agreements before all of this.

  7. Come on, this is common sense. Israel is split 50/50. Israel wouldn’t have had four elections in five years if this wasn’t the case. The reason the right had a “major” victory was because Meretz and Shaked couldn’t pass the threshold. And many supporters of the Likud did not expect this major change or are now against it given what it is doing to Israel. It is entirely conceivable that a majority of Israel is against this reform. Especially if it causes others to react so strongly. Part of politics is to pick the right battles. You can belive something is correct but if a major portion of the army will go on strike, it may be time to reconsider if it’s worth it.

  8. Hundreds of thousands of good, intelligent, and honest people are opposed to the reform. For example, the university senate who voted
    להלן תוצאות ההצבעה:

    59 בעד
    7 נגד
    5 נמנעו

    הרקטור יוציא הודעה לקהילת האוניברסיטה בהמשך היום בדבר ההחלטה
    are very intelligent and insightful people. If you think most of these proffesors are “fascists” or “anarchists” you probably have been exposed to a lot of propoganda and are detached from reality. You may not agree with them, but saying thay they are engaged in “blackmail” or calling Netanyahu a “coward” for listening to them shows that your perspective is a bit out of touch.

  9. The right-wing columnist Sara Haetzni-Cohen, head of the activist group My Israel, wrote the following over the weekend.

    “A self-immolation like this on the right hasn’t been seen around these parts for a long time.”

    Calling the reform “one of the most important and significant legal and policy initiatives the right has brought to the table in many years,” she then turned ferociously on the government she’d loyally supported.

    “It turns out that the right-wing coalition we elected and for which we prayed doesn’t understand the greatness of the hour,” she charged. “Almost every day we awaken to another idiotic bill or embarrassing public statement produced by this coalition. The list of narrow and self-interested bills, whose purpose is to preserve power or serve narrow interests, grows ever longer. The gifts law [allowing unchecked gifts to public servants], the French law [immunizing the prime minister from prosecution], the law against recordings [prohibiting journalists from publicizing recordings of politicians without consent], the Deri law [to allow convicted politicians to serve as ministers], the Police Investigations Department law [weakening oversight of police in cases of police violence], the law to seize control of the Central Elections Committee, the Western Wall law [that stipulates prison time for women dressed immodestly at the holy site], the hametz law [allowing hospitals to bar food that isn’t kosher for Passover], and more.”

    “There are laws that are populist to the point of dangerous, like the ‘immunity for IDF soldiers’ bill, which actually could deliver our best sons and daughters to The Hague. It all looks like it’s being done flippantly, with arrogance and hubris, driven by whims and the desire for momentary media headlines. MKs who we elected to bring change and a new message have brought us mainly embarrassment.”

    “I’m embarrassed, because for all that I believe in this reform, in this correction, in the power that must return to our representatives — there’s a limit to how much I can explain their idiotic and irresponsible behavior in the Knesset. And you know something, dear coalition? I’m sick of it. I don’t want to defend you when you embarrass me, don’t want to support the irresponsible initiatives you permit yourself to propose, without understanding that every little movement on your part creates waves of protest and disgust on the outside.”

    From the TOI,
    “Of the 141 bills advanced by the coalition (at last count), there were those that would allow police searches of private homes without warrants, appoint 12 additional MKs to the coalition beyond the 120 elected lawmakers to allow the coalition to ignore the parliamentary opposition altogether, and give the ruling party control over the Central Elections Committee.

    And all of that is distinct from the actual judicial shakeup, whose most radical and problematic version was still on the Knesset docket until just the past two weeks, and was barely modified even after that.

    For a coalition that insisted to anyone who would listen that its reform was about advancing democracy, it seemed to go out of its way to convince any but its most loyal supporters otherwise.”

  10. The Heads of the Universities announce that following the statement of the Prime Minister regarding the delay of the legislation and entry into the process of negotiations – the universities will return to full and regular activity tomorrow. 
    We expect that future legislation dealing with legal changes will be widely accepted. 
     We will continue to stand guard to ensure that academic freedom of institutions of higher education is upheld.
    We will meet tomorrow in the classrooms. 

  11. Dan,

    It sounds like you missed the “fun” protests, where thugs blocked highways, set fires and physically attacked Minister Dichter. The right campaigned on Judicial Reform and the majority voted in favor of it. Meretz and Shaked didn’t “just happen” to miss passing the threshold. The opinions of lefty professors who are always first in line to criticize Israel doesn’t carry any more weight than that of any other citizen, even if they consider them to be “primitives”.

  12. Netanyahu made the right call and I hope he will not waver. A law that has far-reaching implications by changing the balance of power in the government has to be the product of wide consensus. Negotiating a compromise with which most Israelis can live, is the sane path.

  13. GadolHadofi

    Yes, I don’t think they’re stopping the reform because of the “thugs” who lit fires. There have been major protests for over 10 weeks but they charged through with the reform. This was different. It was a broad non violent protest from a vast portion of Israeli society. Also, I don’t think you followed Israeli elections, they definitely didn’t campain on reform. They campaigned on economics and security. Both of these are in serious flux thanks to the announcement of the reform. Sometimes you have to reconsider your decision given new information.

    Also, I assume your not familiar with Israeli academia whom you call “lefty.” The nature of propoganda is to provide extreme anecdotes to convince you of something which isn’t true.

    And yes, Meretz barely missed the threshold and Shaked got over 1% of the vote. The point is that a majority in the Knesset doesn’t mean majority support. Just like when Trump won the election a majority of Americans didn’t vote for him. You have to provide evidence that there is a majority for this reform. Using current parliment numbers isn’t an argument for reforming a system if the majority of people is against it. Maybe they should have a referendum.

  14. The only one that made all the trouble is Lapid. He lost and cant take it. He always was a troublemaker and was talking on im here for all citizens of Israel,what aliar he hats the religious People is a friend of the arabs and a big
    troublemaker.Who knows if hi is even jewish

    The election was done.
    People voted for justice Reform.

    This is a fight for the survival of Jewish state vs EU, US, UN run pupet banana republic.

  16. They should have passed one part of the bill now….that the Supreme Court judges cannot appoint their own replacements. Anyone with a brain should be for that.

  17. It is very sad and interesting to read the comments here. Supposedly most here are frum yidden, yet you find some of them gravitate to the LEFT which by all accounts are רשעים –

    It’s very reasonable to suspect that these people would have gravitated to Communism and haskola, or going back in time with the Eirev Rav R”L

    The greatest sensible argument won’t convince them, they are in a place of טומאה perhaps a גילגול …..

    For the rest of us frum yidden, we are leaving in scary times, the left has gone all out war against Hashem and his Torah and Klal Yisroel – it’s not about the court reforms it much much deeper than that.

    They feel the courts is the only power they can use to block G-d and to brake Klal Yisroel….

  18. Can someone explain to me why the ones responsible for checks and balances don’t need checks and balances for themselves???

    ערבא ערבא צריך!!!

  19. The Dan, the fact that you cite a university senate decision as if it were the voice of reason says all we need to know about you. You are an extreme far-left Marxist thug. You must be, because only from that perspective do university professors seem like moderates. Even in the USA, 90% of academics are leftists, and in Israel it’s even worse. When university faculties take a definite stand on something, that is the best possible endorsement for the opposite view.

    And yes, every single person who demonstrates in favor of the current dictatorship is a thug, even those who do their protesting peacefully, because what they’re supporting is an illegitimate government that forcibly imposes its own values on the elected “government”.

  20. Hanoch, where was the “wide consensus” when the judiciary seized power for itself and the DOJ in the first place? That certainly changed the balance of power, by abolishing democracy and imposing a permanent and self-perpetuating dictatorship on the country, and yet there were no negotiations, no consensus, and no compromise. All the current government is trying to do, thirty years too late, is to reverse that coup. It shouldn’t need any negotiations or consensus beyond the election itself.

    Oh, and The Dan, last I heard Shaked was all in favor of these reforms and tried to implement them when she was in office.

  21. Sadly this might be the beginning of the end for bibi . A big disheartening loss for his side is never a good way to start off. Who knows what happens now .

  22. Bless ever moment of my Shabbos keeping Torah. To those who commit sin against us. I pray for this destruction of thought and problem is trans gay lgbtq Herzog must resign. We are a Jewish state