DETAILS: Trump Indicted on Whopping 34 Criminal Counts, Reports Say

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

CNN reported Thursday night that Donald Trump’s indictment includes 34 separate counts, all of them relating to the falsification of business records.

“I am told by my sources that this is 34 counts of falsification of business records, which is probably a lot of charges involving each document, each thing that was submitted as a separate count and a couple of matters,” CNN law enforcement analysts John Miller said. “So he would surrender to the district attorney’s office. Now, presumably that would happen at the district attorney’s office. He would be taken upstairs to the detective squad. He’d be fingerprinted and photographed for mug shot. They would be given a conference room because remember, nothing is the same here. He’s a defendant who is under guard by the United States Secret Service. I can’t remember in history that ever occurring before. But his detail will be with him. Presumably they would put him in a conference room and say, all right, you’re now booked. Right. And your information is being entered into the system. Now, we’ll have an arraignment judge. They’ll bring him to the arraignment judge, and they’ll be released on his own recognizance.”

Miller’s comments were made after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s grand jury reportedly voted to indict Trump, though the official indictment remains under seal and its exact details are still not publicly known.

Trump has attacked the investigation and called for mass protests over it, prompting the NYPD to mobilize all of its forces on Friday.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Bless this man and his family, his Ivanka and Jared……may this man who truly is a caring and giving man rise to the top of his ladder and Make his mark a positive one, Democrats got caught in the best trap in the world the one Hashem creates…

  2. “Whopping 34 counts” is a misleading headline. Alvin has little to Bragg about as he is just a fancy shvartza with a goatee and an advanced degree who magically turns violent felonies into misdemeanors except for Trump whose 7 year old misdemeanor bookkeeping error was turned into this while circus by this low IQ DA.