ZOOM TALK REVEALS: Israeli Leftists Bemoan Dwindling No. Of Protesters, Admit False Numbers

Illustrative. Tel Aviv protest. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

The leaders of the left-wing protests against the Netanyahu government discussed the dwindling number of people at recent protests and the difficulty in recruiting new ones in a closed Zoom discussion revealed by Channel 14 News last week.

A member of “Building an Alternative” – one of the protest groups – said during the discussion: “I regularly participate in protests [in Tel Aviv] but yesterday I went to support the protest in Be’er Sheva. It’s important for me to present the problems there because the focus is very important. There’s a major crisis there in a variety of aspects and we need help – we’ve reached a situation of ‘do or die.'”

The dwindling number of protesters should come as no surprise as following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement that the judicial reform plan will be frozen to allow for negotiations, the leaders, whose real goal is to overthrow Netanyahu, seem to come up with a new “reason” to protest every week, such as anti-Chareidi sentiments or the high rate of violence in the Arab sector.

The protest leaders actually admitted during the conversation that the suspension of the legislation is making things difficult for them. They also revealed that the far-fetched numbers reported in the media regarding the number of participants in protests are far from reality.

Additionally, while the movement presents the protests to the media as spontaneous, the head of the “protest headquarters” described how they focus on organizing protests in what they believe are “key cities.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The people opposed to judicial reform never claimed to be a majority (if so, they would win elections so the matter would not arise), and never claimed any moral force. They are an elite group clinging to power in spite of the majority of the population rejecting their ideology. Their threat is to undermine the economy and cripple the defense establishment, and give that they are the basis of “Startup Israel” and the tech sector that enabled Israel to move up from the ranks of developing countries, their threat is credible.