Photo Essay: What If Terrorists Could Shoot This Rocket at Your Country?


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Iran tried to send powerful M-302 rockets to Gaza terrorists. Last week, IDF naval forces intercepted the weapons approximately 1,500 kilometers from Israel’s shores. Had Iran’s shipment arrived at its intended destination, Gaza terrorists would now be able to fire rockets almost anywhere in Israel.

Imagine if Gaza terrorists were your neighbors and could shoot this rocket at your home. The IDF put together a series of illustrated maps that show the “Gaza Strip” next to other countries throughout the world. The maps demonstrate the reach of the M-302 rocket inside each of these countries. Share these with your friends and neighbors and show them what the Iranian threat looks like.
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  1. It is wrong of Israel to be in possession of these Iranian missiles. They should return them to the Iranians immediately.
    As ground and sea transportation of these missiles are very costly and dangerous, I’d advise sending them by air,

  2. If you are a middle aged American (remember “duck and cover” drills), you grew up with the knowledge that an “evil empire” had missiles that were substantially more powerful, and more probably more accurate than anything even the Iranians are likely to even dream about. One bomb on Baltimore, and everyone in from Brooklyn to Richmond would be dead or dying. And you would have approximately 15 minutes notice, at most, before the world ended (at least, the world you could recognize). At that situation lasted from the 1950s until roughly 1989, and we managed to survive. And there were tens of thousands of such weapons, deployed so that after a sucessful sneak attack, the attacker could still wipe out the other side, many times over. Stop worrying. If Ha-Shem wants you to survive, you’ll surive, and if He doesn’t there isn’t much to, it isn’t in your hands.