Could It Be More Evil? Haaretz: “Killing Children Brings Israelis Together”


Most people have ceased to be surprised by the content published by the self-hating Jews at the leftist Haaretz newspaper but one of its articles in its English-speaking edition during Operation Shield and Arrow was particularly shocking.

An opinion article by Yossi Klein published on Thursday was entitled: Killing Children Brings Israelis Together. In the article, Klein claims that the killing of Gazan children in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip is a deliberate act by the Israeli government and the IDF. Why? He claims that the purpose is to frighten the Palestinians, bring happiness to Israelis and provide a sense of unity to the country in the wake of the divisive judicial reform protests.

The article was slammed in a Ynet opinion article by Alon Goldstein, the VP of content at Yediot Achronot, who wrote that apart from the vileness of the article’s lies, the English Haaretz website fails to publish a single word of criticism against Gazan terror groups for launching rockets at innocent Israel civilians, including children.


“I have no interest in trying to analyze what’s going on in Klein’s mind; all I can do is pity him,” Goldstein wrote. “However, I do not pity his editors, the individuals who direct Haaretz’s English edition. Time and time again, they go out of their way to tarnish the image of Israel and Israelis worldwide. The platform this website provides for statements like Klein’s is exceptionally extreme, far more extreme than the Hebrew-language platform of the Haaretz group.”

“I am not certain why they do this. Is it due to an anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, or even antisemitic ideology? I suspect, however, that the motive is cynically vile, no less – a desire to establish themselves as the most far-left rag, with the goal of ensnaring the most ardent haters of Israel, simply to get them to click, share, and like in order to generate traffic, dollars, and stroke the egos of those in charge.

“I know what the reasons are not to publish such repulsive articles: conscience, empathy and concern for fellow human beings,” Goldstein wrote. “How do I know? Because I haven’t seen a single critical word on the [Haaretz] website against Islamic Jihad (or Hamas and Hezbollah for that matter) for their indiscriminate rocket fire at Israeli civilians, including children. I haven’t seen a single word of criticism for the killing of Palestinian children by Islamic Jihad itself in their failed rocket launches from residential neighborhoods.
It’s in Haaretz’s right to act this way, to curry favor with antisemites, boycotters, and haters. It is their right to try sawing off the branch we all sit on. Whatever the editors’ motivation may be, contrary to the image they are trying to portray to the world, Israel is a free country.”

Goldstein then continued by trying to dissuade English speakers from frequenting Haaretz by referring them to three other English-speaking Israeli-based websites, his own Ynet, Times of Israel, and The Jerusalem Post. All three websites are left-leaning but haven’t descended to the depravity reserved by Haaretz.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s not really a surprise. I’m sure that there are families that were capos during WWII, and bolshevisk that murdered religious Jews, and conversos that maligned the Talmud during the inquisition. These people have a choshuveh yichus, a mesora, that goes back to Dasan and Aviram.

  2. Refuse to read anything from that media outlet
    Not long ago they would have been imprisoned for treason
    This is type of freedom of press is the point where democracy goes pear shaped

  3. Yossi Klein is a Brooklyn native and graduate of BTA (Yeshiva University High School Brooklyn). He was living with a gentile woman for a while before he made Aliyah and had her converted to Judaism.

    Klein is among the leftist Orthodox cognoscenti known as the “Datilonim”. As a group, they are extremely precious and stuck up. You will find them at the Shalom Hartman Institute, Chovevei Torah, Drisha and Hadar.

    Anything that smacks of Jewish nationalism or Yeshivish belief and practice is avoided and even decried. It is trendy among them to have seminars in neo-Hasidism, woke ideology and LGBT.

  4. Sickos, the self hating leftists at Ha’aretz, Ma’ariv, Jpost and Times of Israel are really pushing their made up version of news.
    Nothing based on fact, just their biases.

  5. Ari,

    The Yossi Klein you refer to is Yossi Klein Halevi who is a moderate, sometimes right leaning and sometimes left leaning (his book Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist is a great read).

    If I’m not mistaken, the Yossi Klein of the Haaretz article is someone else entirely.