WATCH: Terrorist Crawls Under Gate, Attempts Stabbing Attack, Is Eliminated

Footage of the terrorist entering the yishuv armed with a knife after crawling under the gate.

A terrorist armed with a knife was shot and eliminated on Shavuos morning after infiltrating the Jewish yishuv of Teneh Omarim in the southern Chevron Hills and attempting to carry out a stabbing attack.

After entering the yishuv, the terrorist found the shul where he tried to stab mispallelim. One of them, a member of the yishuv’s security squad, immediately shot the terrorist and thwarted the attack. B’Chasdei Hashem, no Jews were injured during the incident.

The terrorist’s death was confirmed at the scene.

Footage from the security camera at the yishuv’s gate shows the terrorist crawling under the gate and entering the yishuv.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When will the State of Israel stop provoking the Arabs into these attacks?

    Israel has been under constant attack since its founding and will know no peace until the Medina is dismantled.

  2. Do not mean to say bad things
    But it just does not make sense
    Here you see a young man staring right at the camera with a knife in his hand
    Not scared that maybe somebody see him
    Them he went looking for the shul
    And was killed by a person there with a gun
    So the normal life goes on

  3. Shaya getzel di naar —
    What do you think is going to happen to the millions of your innocent brothers and sisters when the medina is ‘dismantled’ ?
    are they going to fare any better than the coreligionists of the behaimos on two feet who roam the ME ?
    who shecht kill maim and murder [their own brothers] at will without being ‘provoked’ by the medina…
    dont forget – they say it bepeh moleh – the ‘descendants of the apes and the pigs’ will have to choose between the suitcase and the coffin ….
    Where is your achrayus for pikuach nefesh ????