Eida Ravaad Shlita Concerned Regarding Bogus State Giyur


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shternbIn his harsh criticism against chareidim who are critical of the new draft law, Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita feels the response is unwarranted and improper. Rav Sternbuch is quoted saying “The response is as if the new draft law is what is causing the Shechina to distance itself from Yisrael”.

Rav Sternbuch points out the reaction to the new draft law is one of hysterics, while the tzibur is alarming quiet regarding ongoing efforts to permit anyone to become a giyur regardless of one’s commitment to adherence to a life of Torah and Mitzvos. The ravaad warns that officially declaring thousands of tens of thousands as ‘Jews’ by a bogus giyur process will bring them into the camp and this truly presents a threat to the future existence of Klall Yisrael and demands a response of outrage and concern.

He adds the outrage to the draft law is not for Kovod Shomayim but rather the realization it may lead to imprisonment and this is the cause of our outcry. “But regarding the concerns of the Shechina of eliminating yichus in Am Yisrael no shouts of concern are audible”.

The ravaad attacked Asra Kadisha, using the organization as an example, citing its tenacious protests against chilul kevarim of goyim from the time period of Terach and his fathers, and how they are mispallel but here, they too are silent as the government brings impurities into the camp and violates that which is truly holy to us. Asra Kadisha he points out is not heard, not regarding the draft and not regarding government giyur.

The attached PDF document contains the Gavaad’s words from Purim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But the Eidah has always refused to serve in the army. By anyone’s legal theory they are clearly consientious objectors, and the Israel government would be suicidal to draft them (their loyalty would be suspect even if drafted, and it would be illegal under international human rights law to even try, and since they don’t accept subsidies they can’t be easily coerced, and most Israeli public opinion objects primarily to those who take zionist money but don’t want to serve). The draft law doesn’t really affect them.

    Any Ben Torah will ask questions of a new Baal Tseuvah as to yichus, and in almost every case any safek can be easily resolved (the sole problem is if a Kohen is about to get married to a Baalas tseuvah who turns out not to be Jewish). Remember the giyur of someone who has been living a frum lifestyle and discovers they aren’t really Jewish is very uncomplicated.

  2. What about the next generation or in 2 generations when a child of this so called geores starts to act frum thinking he is jewish and he wants to marry a Jew. The assumption will be that he is a jew. Think ahead a little.

  3. The point that Rav Shtetbuch is making is “what is Kvod shamayim”? The yichus of klal Yisroel is at stake while we r protesting our private anguish not HAshem’s pain!

  4. “the Israel government would be suicidal to draft them (their loyalty would be suspect even if drafted, and it would be illegal under international human rights law to even try”

    Nice try.

    International law does not explicitly guarantee exemption from military service although United Nations agencies have called for such to be recognized. Besides, to say that the Torah is opposed to all war is a lie. Many countries don’t exempt religious students or even clergy from the military draft. Two future popes were drafted into the Italian Army during World War I. South Korea prosecutes hundreds of conscientious objectors every year. Turkey also prosecutes conscientious objectors. Even the United States and United Kingdom, which have been unusually accepting of conscientious objectors, have required either noncombatant military service, or alternative civilian service, and refusal to accept one or the other resulted in prosecution.

  5. Your english summary of Rav Shternbuch’s words are a gross misrepresentation of what he really said. Most of the opinions would change their opinion if they knew what he really said. A true translation of the Hebrew would be a great service to your readers. Thank you –