Video Of Interest: Neturei Karta Spit Multiple Times On People Protesting The Israeli Flag Burning On Purim In Monsey



  1. #1- You and akuperma defend these thugs all day long. Now that YWN exposes them for this demented and sub-human behavior, you have nothing to say besides “Thanks for sharing this vital news. Knowing this incident makes me a more informed and better Jew”.

  2. i wonder what the reaction would be if a group of jews were to chas vesholom make a collection of divrie yoels and yismach moshes and mix it in with a few pictures of rav yoel chas vesholom and light it on fire in a giant celebration and post it on youtube.

    such behavior would be repulsive.

  3. Deceptive Headline. ONE man spits ONE time ON THE GROUND (actually a common yiddishe expression of disdain)and YWN somehow transform it into “Neturei Karta (collectively) SPITS MULTIPLE TIMES (I only saw the one) ON PEOPLE… (not the ground as shown)”

    YWN, you should be ashamed of misleading readers, regradless of what your position is re: NK

    newenglander: German, Polish and Austrian nationalism (or any goyishe nationalism for that matter) are not against the Torah. Jewish nationalism IS. The flag itself, puprosefully made to look like a tallis gadol, is the very symbol of replacing Torah with with nationalism as the core of Jewish identity.

    Besalel: Divrei Yoel and Yismach Moshe are holy seforim. The zionist flag is a symbol of heresy. No comparison. None. Not even close.

    Mark Levin: I somehow suspect you have NO IDEA “where they stand.”

    Moderators Response: Sir, with all due respect, YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Here is the spitting times in the video:

    #1- .02 (the old man with the white beard) The video starts with his opening spit.

    #2- .03 The child to his right (fake mustache and beard wearing a checkered scarf) spits.

    #3- .05 The old man spits a second time.

    #4- .22 A teenager with a blond beard, wearing a bekeshe and hat spits.

    Have your eyesight checked.

    You are obviously a Neturie Karta loving thug. These animals are the very people who traveled to Iran and denied the Holocaust and kissed Ahmadinejad. This is Weiss and his cult of michalilei shabbos, who prance around the world and attend rallies on Shabbosim with the most vile ani-Semites.