PA Doubles “Pay For Slay” Stipend To Murderer Of Ari Fuld, H’yd

Ari Fuld H"YD with his wife and children

The Palestinian Authority has doubled the monthly “salary” it pays to the murderer of Ari Fuld, H’yd, according to the family’s attorney.

Khalil Jabarin fatally murdered Fuld, z’l, an Israeli-American father of four and resident of Efrat, in a stabbing attack in 2018, during which he attempted to murder three others. Fuld, z’l, died a hero’s death as despite his grave injuries, he pulled out his gun and pursued and shot Jabarin, preventing him from continuing his stabbing spree. Fuld was then rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority doubled the monthly salary it pays the terrorist murderer of Ari Fuld, [of blessed memory], from $522 to $1,044,” Israeli attorney Maurice Hirsch stated on Monday.

“The P.A.’s pay for slay policy incentivizes terror and rewards terrorists,” Hirsch continued.

“The PA has already paid the murderer $25,726. When he murdered Ari, the terrorist was a 16-year-old student. The money the PA pays him is not welfare, but simply a reward for murdering a proud Israeli-American Jew. Why are the US and the European Union helping the PA to reward terrorists and Jew-murderers?”

Jabarin is serving a life sentence in an Israeli prison while his family receives a monthly stipend from the PA. The “salary” increases in accordance with the length of the prison sentence.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)