Mossad, Shin Bet To Recruit Chareidim For New Civil Service Program

Ilustrative. Shin Bet operational room. (Shin Bet spokesperson)

For the first time since their founding, the Mossad and the Shin Bet agencies will recruit Chareidim for a new national service (Sherut Leumi) program, Kan News reported.

The agencies will accept 200 Chareidi volunteers aged 21 and over, 100 for each agency. After undergoing specialized training, the volunteers will serve for two years.

The program will be funded by the Intelligence Ministry and the National Service Authority. Last week, the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet met with Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel for the approval of the program.

The program is expected to launch next month.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. I don’t think it is about mosrim cause they have already access to all video or they don’t need somebody for that and are not interested in helping
    But if they are not ready to visit the chief satilites office in the south or telavive then it’s called a police they also can’t save jewish girls that was forced into Islam with arab husbands but a police is twice the murderer I once saw a police man grab a kid with his own hands at family simcha and nobody cried and it wasn’t trying to help the stay quit there is allot of bad things going on and in the end there is judgment

    But them in the mossad should give Israel not a fake face cause that ain’t gonna hide it but a sense of responsibility now that essentially a rabbi can visit any intelligence office and see if it is clean of zionist idol worship

    There was a time when yeravum ben nivat got achia to say that not to go the bies hamikdash and stopped them like it says maybe shaul will see me and kill but they ten tribes couldn’t say that it was the kings fault because later they had a chance to go the holy temple and didn’t and that brought the galus

    Same until now the rabbi could blame the Zionist government for but being able to cope with doing their lust desire but now that they are in the same leather chair they probably will do only worse

    Cause the Zionist state will self corrupt and eat it’s own poison not only now but for netzach and the mossad wanting them is not cause of good but they befriended them

  2. . Thank you for your usual incoherent rant about the tziyonists. Its been a very serious few days so a bit of comic relief before Yom Kippur is greatly appreciated.

  3. All very strange here in the comment section as usual!

    I tried to get an A.I bot to come up with comments similar to the ones you find on here but my PC started emitting smoke right after I began training it!

  4. UJM, koil haposel b’mumo posel.

    This is not news. Israel’s intelligence agencies love yeshiva guys because of the way they think. They are doing a great service to Am Yisrael.

  5. It’s absolutely can’t be True. the Government in Israel considered, considers, and “most probably” will continue to consider CHAREDY people as מוקצה they take away their freedom to live a “yedishe” lifestyle
    in their cities and treat them very very very poorly… people that leaves in Israel for a long time will know and also take a note of it. I’m warning you right now… in case you are a CHAREDY (the equivalency of modern orthodox) don’t come here you will suffer. They will treat you like as if you are a Wild Goat that has never been Tamed. Plus there are no social benefits here like Food Stamps and Medicaid. So in case you think that it’s a free country. Continue watching Cartoons… the Taxes here are most probably one the highest. Life here is too expensive, one thing I will say education here is good and food here is also pretty good

  6. Mossad which trains but does not operate in Israel recruits any person they think will be the perfect fit for the specific job regardless of his religious background.
    Depending on the “Act” requirement, I can’t see it being fit for a Ben Torah since it would involve tzinus & treif things, let alone deception being 2nd nature (see Rashi on Yaakov ish tam).

  7. SECRET agencies (such as the Mossad which is the secret service for foreign intelligence, or the Shin Bet which is the secret police) not supposed to discuss their recruitment in the press, and probably have recruited hareidim all along. For those who flunked English in school, “secret” means “not telling anybody”.

  8. R”L.
    how on earth YWN could proudly bring this article is way beyond me.
    the fact that Rabbanim and Gedolim and Rebbes from all walks of life (frum chareidi) have historically and up until this day stamp’ed a complete and unequivocal Issur on sherus leumi, and here YWN proudly advertise it?
    From the Chazon Ish to the Brisker Rov to the Satmar Rav, Rav C. Kanievski, his father the Stipler Gaon, all American, EY and EU Gedolim, Rabbanim, Rebbes ALL ASSURED this!!
    Shame on you YWN!!