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PHOTOS: NYC Comptroller Stringer Visits Borough Park

Toured Chareidim Matzoh Bakery


New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer today visited several Jewish community-based organizations within the Borough Park section of Brooklyn as preparations were underway for the upcoming Passover holiday. In the spirit of Passover, which celebrates the triumph of freedom over slavery, Comptroller Stringer wanted to visit and thank local community-based organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others.

Toured Chareidim Matzoh Bakery – Comptroller Stringer toured one of the largest Matzoh bakeries in Brooklyn, the Chareidim Matzoh Bakery, and participated in the traditional process of making Passover’s signature Matzoh bread. The Chareidim Matzoh Bakery ships its product throughout the world. Photo Caption: Comptroller Stringer learns how to work the Matzoh dough.

Visited Shema Kolainu – Shema Kolainu provides comprehensive services for parents and preschool school-aged children with autism. Comptroller Stringer met with Rabbi and CEO Joshua Weinstein and faculty and toured the classrooms. Photo Caption: Comptroller Stringer meets with Ezra Friedlander and Rabbi Weinstein at Shema Kolainu.

Spoke at the Boro Park Y Senior Center – Comptroller Stringer met with dozens of seniors at the Boro Park Y, many of whom are low-income and Holocaust survivors. Photo caption: Saying hello to Margaret Berkowitz at the Boro Park Y Senior Center – She makes 103 look like the new 70!

Volunteered at Masbia Soup Kitchen – Masbia provides three-course meals five nights a week in a restaurant setting. Comptroller Stringer joined with the volunteer staff to help prepare meals for needy families. Families in need can call 1-855-PESACH-FOOD for a kosher food package. Photo caption: Comptroller Stringer helps to package meals for distribution at Masbia Soup Kitchen.

Spoke at Boro Park Y Senior Center Volunteered at Masbia Soup Kitchen Visited Shema Kolainu

(YWN Deak – NYC)

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