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Eli Yishai on the Current Political Situation

yishFormer Shas leader Eli Yishai spoke with Kol Berama Radio on Wednesday morning 9 Nissan 5774, addressing the current political situation. Yishai feels that he and the chareidi community are justified in their anger and feeling of betrayal towards Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who he feels has turned his back on loyal friends of many years. He blames the prime minister of turning his back on many families in need and his decrees have added many to the ranks of the nation’s poor.

Yishai feels that Mr. Netanyahu is not running the show but events are orchestrated by Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi. He points out that currently, there is no one who has a real chance of unseating the prime minister so “Bibi is not in any rush. He is willing to tolerate today’s situation for the time being”. Yishai feels that if elections are held Netanyahu will be selected to form the next coalition, which may be radically different than the current makeup. He is also certain the prime minister is not pleased with the current coalition; but once again, he is willing to continue for the time being.

The former Shas leader feels that in politics everyone likes to make grandiose statements but one must remain pragmatic. “There is no permanent break” from anyone and that is reality” he explains, adding “You going to tell me that if the prime minister needs Shas and Yahadut Hatorah to form a coalition and their conditions are met that we are not going to enter. Certainly this would be the case.”

On a personal note he admits that he has a longstanding friendship with the prime minister and this is why for him, the current reality and the betrayal are even more difficult to digest. Nevertheless he points out tomorrow is a new day and things are likely to changer sooner than most thought would be the case.

Yishai warns that if the current administration continues there are additional bills planned that intend to radically change the status of the nation’s rabbinical courts and this has him concerned. He mentioned in passing that some members of Bayit Yehudi also plan to work to appoint female dayanim in the nation’s batei din.

He feels that if Shas remains strong, the party can join any government, pointing out in the past Shas has been in left and right-wing administrations and has proven an ability to remain true to its constituents. Therefore he is aware Shas is not bound to any party but it must remain strong in order to maintain this measure of flexibility. He also feels that realistically speaking different coalitions may be formed, including one that contains blocs of parties currently sitting in the opposition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. You may dislike it but there is no glourious future for the current model of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. For most Yidden living in Golus it is more and more becoming clear that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is corrupt.
    Within ordinary non-Haredi Orthodoxy there is a trend of growing disapproval of the behavior of the Chief Rabbis and the Rabbinate. If the institution will not change or be changed in the near future there will be a definite split between the vast majority of Golus Yidden and Israel.

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