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The Mir in Shanghai From the Perspective of the Daughters of Rav Chaim Shmulevitz zt”l

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

On LaG BaOmer we celebrate the cessation of the deaths r”l of the Torah Scholars – students of the great Rabbi Akiva.  What better way to mark this Lag BaOmer than by watching how the Mir Yeshivah was saved in Kobe Japan and Shanghai?

This 45 minute video shows two daughters of Rav Chaim Shmulevitz zt”l,  Reb. Ettel Percowitz (Partzovitz) and  Reb. Rivka Ezrachi, discussing these miraculous events.  It has been edited for clarity and was originally filmed through the offices of Torah uMesorah.  Rebbitzen Perowitz was married to Rav Nochum zt”l, who wrote up the shiurim in both volumes of teh Divrei Eliezer, Rav Lazer Yudel’s sefer.

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