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Peleg Yerushalmi Hafganah Shut Down Highway 4, Hold Up Sign Calling Israel “Antisemitic Country”

It was a regular day for a few dozen protestors of the Peleg Yerushalmi, who took to Highway 4 near Bnei Brak. The highway was brough to a halt in both directions, as the crowd protested the recent news about the IDF drafting Chareidim.

Police say they made four arrests.

One protestor held a sign which read “Israel is an Antisemitic country”.

An Associated Press photographer snapped a photo of the sign, and it has gone around the globe.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I thought it was just Neteurei Karta. Or maybe the Chasidim, too. But now you’re telling us the Litvaks are also taking three positions??

  2. So confusing. I thought learning Torah takes care of everything. That’s why they don’t want to serve in the IDF. But apparently it doesn’t, if pointlessly closing down a highway does far more for them than learning Torah.

  3. The sign is true. Yidden protesting the draft get beaten more viciously than terrorists in the so-called “Jewish” state

  4. May Hashem strengthen their hands! These are the true soldiers of the Jewish people, and not heretic colonels and generals.

  5. And if they think that “It looks bad in the eyes of the goyim”, maybe they should think that force de-religiouzation of Orthodox Jews looks bad in the eyes of Hashem.

  6. It is not his words the Gemara says that an am haretz is worse then an anti semite just have to learn this daf the Israeli people have many people that are shogeg but some say that they are “protecting the Jewish” with eating pig and this means an ethnicity not a religion saying that they are not anti semite is like saying you can go to a very bad beach and respect people not unless your a shogeg look what they did to sephardic heritage to say we are an ethnicity without torah is also a kofer only God protects us and our purpose of life and it’s not to respect the very bad beach. Take care

  7. “The highway was brough to a halt…”
    should be corrected to:
    “The highway was brought to a halt…”
    Nobody is forcing the Peleg Yerushalmi protestors
    to remain in Israel. If they are unhappy, they can leave.

  8. @SQUARE_ROOT: Do you think it is proper for anti-religious Jews to force religious Jews to flee the holy Jewish homeland in search of religious freedom? Does such a prospect bother you?

  9. for such an antisemitic country, this “protestor” looks remarkably undamaged. so it seems that they still enjoy “diplomatic immunity” to harm the country, and extort political favours.

  10. Why does it bother your site so much that these ppl are calling the Medina anti semitic?

    Are they anti Hashem? Yes their educational system makes no mention and does not allow for his mention. So why can’t they be anti semitic too? Because they are Jewish isn’t Bernie sanders Jewish isn’t the NYT Jewish if the evidence suggests they are anti semitic than they are. please get over yourself

  11. It’s Anti-Semitic to beat chareidy protesters viciously while treating leftist anti-government ones with kids gloves – it UNJEWISH to draft Bnei Torah into the army for the main reason weaken their Yiras Shomayim.

  12. I really don’t know who is more extreme, the liberal atheist left or the Peleg faction.
    But they do share one thing in common: illegally blocking roads.


    I know you’re a good person, and do a lot of good stuff, but what you just said proves Israel is anti Jewish.
    Peleg yerushalmis lived in Israel before zionism existed.

    You can take your zionist government and leave, if you’re are unhappy with them.

  14. Square_Root;
    Nobody is forcing all the leftists who are violently protesting against the Netanyahu government to remain in Israel. If they are unhappy, they can leave.

  15. It seems Peleg and its leadership are now clearly aligned with the mindless Naturai Karta meshugaim. These “viral” photos only serve put Yidden all over the world at risk and complicate EY’s geopolitical situation.

  16. Joseph,

    It’s time for you to start a new yishuv in Southern Lebanon so that you as well as your NK and Peleg besties can move there right away. They love Jews to death! What’s taking you so long?

  17. Solution to draft problem: Bachurim at a Hfgana obviously is not learning and needs a healthy outlet. He needs the army. Those who are learning, let them learn.

  18. if you are a peleg protester, you belong in the army. This way the army gets its quota and those serious about learning can learn.

    How can anyone expect to be sympathetic to yeshiva bachurim, when the Peleg Boys (Fake Yeshiva Bachurim) who look like regular YB show the world that they are bored and could use some army discipline. Go Peleg, the army needs you.

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