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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Pedestrian Critically Struck In ‘Hit & Run’ On Ocean Parkway [UPDATED 3:30PM]



An elderly man is fighting for his life after being struck by a vehicle on Ocean Parkway and Avenue O. The incident happened around 11:30AM, when a vehicle slammed into the man crossing the street at the intersection. Hatzolah Paramedics found the man in traumatic arrest, and rushed him to Lutheran Trauma Center, where he remains is critical condition.

The vehicle fled the scene without even slowing down, and began travelling at a high rate of speed southbound on Ocean Parkway.

Three good samaritans who were in the the area witnessed the vehicle with a smashed windshield – travelling fast, and going through red lights. Additionally, the windshield was completely smashed. The image below was taken by this individual, and given to YWN exclusively.

The vehicle entered the Belt Parkway on Ocean Parkway, and headed East towards Queens, with the good samaritan right behind him. The person saw a police car, and stopped to tell him that the vehicle had just been involved in a hit and run. Unfortunately, the police officer did not take the person very seriously, and the vehicle was long gone.

An intense search for the man and the vehicle is currently underway.

The license plate number is GFR 1370.

If you have any information that can assist in apprehending the driver or know the whereabouts of the vehicle, please call the NYPD.

UPDATE 3:30PM: SOurces confirm to YWN that a suspect has been taken into custody. He was reportedly arrested in Queens. Further details will be published when they are available.


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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN / Photos By Hillel Engel for YWN)

11 Responses

  1. He deserves an award for his good citizenship! By the way, I hope he got the badge # of that lazy cop!

  2. I had the same experience. When a truck smashed my window and sped off, someone followed him and told a cop who just stared at him blankly. But why call Shomrim?

  3. “Unfortunately, the police officer did not take the person very seriously, and the vehicle was long gone.”

    What?! Outrageous! Why do we pay police officers with our tax dollars? So they can go thru red lights to see which of their buddies can get to Dunkins Donuts first? To give parking tickets? To beat up old men?
    Hey Bratton, you tough guy. Where are you? To busy being honored by yet another Organization, to take your job seriously?

  4. That cop is typical of the NYPD, lazy,rude and unprofessional sure makes me believe in 2nd amendment and not have a Crown Heights pogrom again.

  5. Thank G-d, people cared enough to try to apprehend the car.
    YWN, do you know who the Samaritans were and from where that phrase originates?

  6. Good Samaritan act is a law that protects ppl who try to help at an accident or something if the sort that they can’t be sued as long as they didnt do anything rash so I guess a Good Samaritan is a person at the scene of the accident

  7. What “myopinion” was alluding was the origin of the phrase “good samaritan”. One of the gospel writers relates a story that depicts a pharisee (a torah jew who followed chazal) as a mean spirited guy and only due to a passing “good samaritan” did someone not sufferfrom hunger. In short, the story (like many things in the gospels) is designed to make torah true jews look bad. It was the pharisee, led by chazal, who utterly rejected the claims of the ggospel writers about yeshu.

  8. The Samaritans were a group that approached the King, convinced him that the Jews were a threat, and with political manuvering had the rebuilding of the 2nd temple brought to a halt. (Until Darius son of Queen Esther and Achashverosh lifted the ban.)
    Anyone familiar with the phrase ‘ud chatzi ha’malchus V’sayus”. Because the rebuilding was halted, and Achashverosh did not want to authorize the resumption of buildng. Coward.

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