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Police Ignoring Vandalism Attack Against a Jewish Motorist


Arabs in Nazareth Illit during the night (motzei Shabbos-Sunday, 11 Iyar) smashed the rear window of a Jewish vehicle. The vehicle belongs to a member of the city’s Torani garin affiliated with Yeshivat Torat Chaim from Yad Binyamin.

The Jews explain the Arabs were angered over the march in Afula in memory of terror victim Shelly Dadon which was attended by thousands on motzei Shabbos. Garin members add they reported the incident to police but it does not appear that anyone is going to do anything about the attack. They lament the fact that this is all too often the reality they live with.

As the government continues efforts to crack down against Jewish so-called price tag attacks there has been a sharp increase in similar hate crimes perpetrated against Jews by Arabs. Many of these attacks are not event reported by the police spokesmen to the media to keep the incidents out of the press.

35% of Nazareth Illit residents are Arabs and there are many villages surrounding the community including Kafr Cana, Rina, Yafia, Ichsel and others.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: Kol Yehudi)

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  1. Welcome to Israel. it’s so outrageous the double standard of this WICKED government!
    If it was the other way around, it would be in ALL media.
    Pure evil and hatred!!

  2. Vehicles are not Jewish. Some vehicle owners are.

    (I do have a friend who wanted to have a bris for his Porsche, but the Porsche tried to kill him.)

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