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Reid Opposes Obama Court Pick

reidOne of President Barack Obama’s staunchest allies in the Senate says he will oppose Michael Boggs, nominated to become a federal judge in Georgia.

Majority Leader Harry Reid’s announcement signals a difficult time for the White House if it chooses to push for Boggs’ approval.

Boggs drew criticism from Democrats at a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing earlier this week.

Critics focused on his support as a member of the Georgia Legislature a decade ago for measures to post information online about doctors who perform abortions and to keep the Confederate battle emblem on the Georgia flag.

He testified that he now believes his vote on abortion doctors was wrong and he’s glad the Confederate emblem was later removed from the state flag.


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  1. Akuperma,

    You do know that the Democrat mentioned in this article opposes Roe v. Wade and is Senate Majority Leader, right?

  2. Harry Reid’s voting record, at least recently, is clearly pro-choice (i.e. pro-abortion). He may personally disapprove of abortion, but as a good Democrat he totes the party line.

    And to the comment about unborn children not being babies – I believe that argument was used by some Germans accused of forced abortion of Jewish fetuses. The Allies hanged them anyways. There is no scientific evidence that an fetus is other than a living human being.

  3. To Charlie hall
    Fetuses are like babies in the sense that the G-d of all mankind prohibits killing them. Only in a case of danger to the mother’s life is an abortion allowed. Get you facts straight.

  4. What’s more troubling about Mr. Boggs is that he changed his mind on abortion. That’s shows how immature he truly is. He has a total lack of morals & will sell himself out just to get a position.

  5. Akuperma, as usual you professorially lecture about things on which you have minimal knowledge.
    The German crimes were definitely not because of ‘forced abortions of Jewish fetuses’, for crying out loud.
    And that’s certainly not the reason ‘the Allies hanged them anyways’. There were six million other reason. Including over a million living breathing children.
    To attribute the hanging of those monsters to abortion, is a grotesque and cynical distortion.
    As for ‘no scientific evidence’, I think you know less about that kind of science than you know about the holocaust.
    (You may also wish to check out what the halacha says about the status of a fetus).

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