White House Threatens Veto of Defense Bill


obaThe White House is threatening a veto of the House version of a $601 billion defense bill over election-year moves to spare weapons systems and popular programs in the face of limited budgets.

In a statement on Monday, the Obama administration said that if the bill in its current form impedes the Pentagon from directing scarce resources to the military, senior advisers would recommend that the president veto the measure.

The White House also complained about the bill’s limits on the president’s ability to transfer terror suspects being held at the U.S. facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The House is expected to debate and vote on the bill this week. The Senate Armed Services Committee is beginning its work on its version. The two measures will have to be reconciled.



  1. What a poorly written article on an important subject. YWN needs an editor, and if they have one, he should wake up and do his job.

    Moderators Note: THis article was written by the Associated Press. See the (AP) at the bottom. But, thanks for your input. It is of great importance.