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Ateres Yisrael Yeshiva Building Removed from Planning Committee Agenda

bmeThere is more anger in the Jerusalem chareidi camp following a decision by Mayor Nir Barkat to remove the building of the Ateres Yisrael Yeshiva building in Har Nof from the planning board agenda. Planning & Construction Committee Chairman Kobi Kahlon announced on Tuesday, 20 Iyar 5774 that the yeshiva is being removed from the committee’s agenda.

While aides to the mayor are trying to explain the mayor simply wishes to reach a number of understandings, the move is viewed as yet another blow to the chareidi tzibur in the capital.

According to people involved in the project, the approval process was moving ahead at a regular pace when suddenly the announcement came to remove the project from the agenda. Among the opponents of the project are environmentalists. In addition, the Dati Leumi Shul located in Har Nof is opposed, explaining the addition of the yeshiva will shift the delicate balance of the different hashkafos in the community. Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein of Tzohar Rabbonim is the mora d’asra of that shul. In addition, some residents have expressed their opposition simply due to fears it will be more noise to the area based on experience with many of yeshivos in the community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The people running the government feel that the leading problem in Jerusalem is that there are too many hareidim and too many yeshivos, and “saving” the city means doing something to remedy the problem

  2. 1: HaShem rules the World.
    2: One blow after another hits the chareidi tzibur.
    If you combine no 1 and no 2 one has to ask oneself Why all these blows? What has the tzibur done or not done in order to be treated/punished like this?

  3. You can always count on a chiloney official to act in a partial and racist manner against chareidie interests. Only, a smart frum mayor like Lupoliansky can be relied upon to give every body a fair shake

  4. The fears of noise are probably very legit…

    I wonder what the Environmentalist have against it, is it being built in a formerly green area?

  5. I’m getting fed up with the blatant discrimination against charedim -we need a civil rights movement!

  6. to #2

    its time we finally woke up as a nation & faced Hashem with teshuva, Kinnus & fasting. Always wondered why haven’t the gedolim of Klal yisroel-worldwide-made a time for this? how bad must the situation get C”V before we wake up to doing teshuva & begging Hashem for forgiveness? must it get as bad as it was in the days of the story of Purim?

    MAY WE all do teshuva together so mashiach can come already

  7. I have friends in Har Nof who have told me that most of the locals don’t want the yeshiva and most means the haredim who are the great majority. They don’t want to oppose it publicly but have been lobbying behind the scenes to try and stop it. Looks like they had some success.

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