The Papal Visit to Israel is Underway


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imagePope Francis began arrived in Israel on Sunday morning 25 Iyar as scheduled. The official papal visit began in PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Beit Lechem, where security was very heavy as the leader of the Roman Catholic Community was greeted by thousands of people, including religious and PA officials. The pope leaves Beit Lechem at 16:00 local time to travel to Israel. The official welcoming ceremony will take place at 16:30 in Ben-Gurion International Airport.


Ceremony at Mount Scopus heliport


Meeting with church officials in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher


Meeting with the Latin Patriarch

Monday, 26 Iyar 5774


Visiting Har Habayis


Ceremony to place a wreath on the grave of Theodore Herzl


Visit to Yad Vashem


Meeting with Chief Rabbis of Israel in Heichal Shlomo


Meeting in the President’s Residence


Meeting with PM Netanyahu in the Notre Dame Guest House


Meeting in a church


Mass in Last Supper Room at Kever Dovid HaMelech

Departing ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport

Following is a link with information pertaining to parking restrictions and street closure as well as bus and light rail information. The information number during the papal visit is 1-700-553-100.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Just for the record…One can not leave Beit Lechem for Israel, as your story states.
    Beit Lechem IS Israel. L’chol hadaios !!
    Don’t submit to the press’ liberal terminology!

  2. What a shame…..

    The Goyim are wearing yarmikas and the PM and President of what is supposed to be a Jewish State have their heads uncovered. Shkootzim!!!

    I hope they don’t sit down together for a Chazer (pig) dinner like Netanyahoo had a previous venue.

  3. If the pope is wearing a head covering- maybe those 2 guys on both sides who belong to a religion that institutionalized the idea- should have worn one too. Maybe giving away Kever Dovid makes them feel uncomfortable to wear a Jewish bini!

  4. Anyone living in jlem wants to know the schedule so that they can try to not be bothered by it… though today they already showed that accuracy was not part of the schedule by delaying for over 2 hours….

  5. When will Am Yisrael wake up and remove the Tumah from the land? Remove all the places of Idol Worship. Remove the Ishmaelite murderers, and remove the leftist anti-Torah regime. Din Torah NOW!
    You either fight to promote this or you are part of the erev-rav.

  6. To the Editor: Food for thought. Is it possible that quoting a Gadol B’Yisrael’s warnings to us and then completely negating his admonitions just a couple of hours later is perhaps slightly insensitive? Even if one doesn’t agree with his opinion, isn’t there still room for tact? Just food for thought.