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17 Rockets Bombard Southern Israel [UPDATED 21:15 IL]


UPDATE 21:15 IL: Residents in the Eshkol Regional Council area of southern Israel situated near the border are instructed to remain in fortified areas until further notice. This includes communities west of Route 232. All other residents of the council are instructed to remain within 15 seconds of their safe rooms and shelters.

First Report 21:10 IL: Southern Israeli residents are under fire Thursday evening, 5 Tammuz 5774. The Red Alert sirens are seemingly endless as many areas have been affected during the past hours. This includes but is not limited to Re’im, Kissufim, Ein HaShloshah, Nirim, Alumim, Nachal Ohz, Shuva, Toshia, Kfar Maimon, Nir Yitzchak, Sufah, Avshalom Dekel, Yated, Pri Gan, S’dei Avraham, Telmei Yosef, Chalutzit, and Gavin.

There are reports of damage to homes in the S’dot Negev Regional Council district. One rocket also landed in the Sderot Industrial Zone, which on motzei Shabbos resulted in a major blaze that destroyed two factories.

At least 17 rockets and mortar shells bombarded southern areas including three in Sderot and nine in the Eshkol Regional Council. At least 40 rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the past 24 hours. There are reports of minor injuries tonight. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of fatalities.

Earlier on Thursday the IDF’s Gaza Division began moving troop reinforcements along the Gaza border and the navy moved vessels into position off the Gaza coast. These actions were likely intended to send a sign to Hamas as there is no announcement of a major call up of troops that would signal a major ground forces offensive is imminent.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The world is asleep and Obama is taking a smoke the rockets are only falling on the Jews that is ok sad so called world leaders and shame on all the American leaders

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