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Hamas Commandos Infiltrate into Zikim – All Shot Dead By IDF In Gun Battle

hamHamas officials in Gaza boast responsibility for the terrorist infiltration into Zikim on Tuesday evening. The IDF encountered the terrorists and a shootout which continued for about an hour resulted in five dead terrorists and one IDF soldier lightly wounded.

After the infiltration from the sea was detected and the alert was sounded, Givati soldiers responded and engaged the terrorists in a gun battle. Hamas in Gaza reports the terrorists were elite Hamas commandos. After the terrorists were eliminated a sweep of the entire area was conducted to make certain additional terrorists were not still at large.

B’chasdei Hashem the terrorists were detected and eliminated without loss of life in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I’m glad these are the best: commandos it means we can deal with the best of it means you have 5 less good ones

  2. Boruch Hashem ! All in the זכות of Torah Learning !!! Keep it up בני תורה wherever you are !

  3. Baruch Hashem all of those worthless dogs were killed and not “arrested”, only to be let free in a few years when President Hillary Clinton pressures Prime Minister Lapid to release them in the name of “peace”!

  4. To WIY:
    Which part is hard to understand? That Hillary will be the next Prez? You really believe Chris Christie or some other RINO loser will win? Lapid the next PM? Prisoner release? Learn from History.

  5. #4 and also in the Zechus of the young men in Tzahal who are risking their lives every second. this is team effort don’t forget that.

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