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LIVE BLOG DAY 3: Operation Protective Edge [UPDATED 11:49PM IL]


23:49: Francois Hollande to Abbas: Escalation must Stop

23:38: Lieberman: International community recognizes Israel’s effort to stop rockets

23:24: Hamas releases a statement: ground operation is only chance to release Palestinian prisoners

22:53: Code red alert sounds in Sha’ar HaNegev Regional council –

22:39: In less than 24 hours, more than 120 rockets fired from Gaza struck Israel; an additional 24 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

22:25: Sirens ringing in Shaar Hanegev Regional Council

22:22: Rocket explodes in open space in Sdot Negev

21:55: Sirens ringing in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

21:51: CORRECTION: The soldier injured has NOT died, but remains hospitalized.

21:30: Sirens ringing in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

21:14: One person reported in critical condition from rocket attack in Ashdod that made a direct hit on car.

21:13: Sirens ringing in Ashdod again; Report of a car hit by a rocket. Emergency crews on scene.

21:06: Multiple sources reporting that the IDF soldier injured in Eshkol from a  rocket attack has R”L been Niftar of his injuries moments ago. No confirmation from the IDF yet.

21:00: A rocket has scored a direct hit on a  home in Ashdod. Emergency personnel are on scene. Unknown injuries at this point.

20:57: Multiple rockets just interception over Ashdod by the Iron Dome.

20:55: Israel’s Health Ministry has placed the hospitals on high alert, and instructed them to prepare for “emergency conditions”.

20:54: Two rockets intercepted over Kiryat Malachi.

20:52: Sirens ringing now in Ashdod.

20:43: Rockets land in Bedouin villages of lakia and Aroer. No injuries reported.

20:40: The IDF has attacked approx 350 targets in Gaza today.

20:39: Reports coming is that 3 IDF soldiers were injured in Eshkol from a rocket attack. 1 of them is being airlifted to a hospital in critical condition.

20:38: Red alerts now in Ashdod and surrounding areas.

20:37: Red alert sirens now in Be’er Tuvia.

20:36: Red alert sirens ringing in Kiryat Malachi now.

20:23: Large explosions rock multiple areas in the Gaza Strip, as the IAF carries out airstrikes against terror targets.

20:19: TWo people are listed in serious condition from injuries sustained in a rocket attack in Eshkol.

20:15: Hamas says they fired M-75 rockets at Rishon Lezion.

20:04: Hamas takes responsibility for firing 10 Grad (long range) rockets at Be’er Sheva.

20:00: A rocket landed near a gym in Be’er Sheva a short while ago. Multiple people being treated for hysteria and anxiety.

19:59: A massive barrage of more than 20 long range rockets were fired at the Negev area in the past few minutes. Thousands taking cover.

19:56: Red alert sirens now in Eshkol Regional Council.

19:51: At least 5 rockets just intercepted over Gush Dan by the Iron Dome.

19:50: Multiple rockets just intercepted over Highway 1 between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

19:48: Sirens across central Israel. Massive barrage of rockets being fired.

19:47: Sirens ringing now in Tel Aviv. A million Israelis are estimated to now be in bomb shelters.

19:44: 2 homes in Be’er Sheva hit by rockets. 4 lightly injured, Hatzolah & MDA on scene.

19:43: Red alert now ringing in Rechovot.

19:42: Sirens ringing now in Eshkol Regional Council.

19:40: Red alerts now in Sdeot Hanegev as well as in Maflasim.

19:37: There are reports of a direct rocket strike in Be’er Sheva. Possible injuries reported.

19:33: Rockets reported in multiple areas in the south.

19:30: Red alert in Dimona – the city where Israels nuclear facility is located in.

19:27: Red Siren alarms sounding in Beer Sheba.

18:57: Red alert in Ashkelon, 2 rockets overhead.

18:55: Hamas claims responsibility for firing four M-75 rockets at Jerusalem

18:54: Reports of loud explosions in Gush Dan, no siren was sounded.

18:42: Putin to Netanyahu: Stop armed conflict between Israel and Hamas

18:34: An elderly person fell while running to a shelter in Kfar Adumim and is in serious condition.

18:30: One of the rockets fired towards Jerusalem lands in Palestinian area in the West Bank.

18:20: More than 15 rockets were fired into the Tel Aviv area today, making this the largest bombardment since the 1948 War of Independence.

18:07: Sirens in Sderot and Lachish districts at this time

18:06: Jerusalem Police: No injuries in rocket attack to the capital. None of the rockets landed in residential areas of the capital.

18:05: Sirens in Abu Gosh, Mate Yehuda and areas in Shomron too.

18:01: 5 rockets were fired at the capital Channel 10 reports.

17:54: Sirens in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh

17:47: Sirens at this time in the Shar HaNegev communities.

17:11: Infantry troops are in a base near the Gaza border where they continue preparations for a possible ground incursion. While the cabinet authorized activating 40,000 reservists, only 15,000 have been called to duty. The Security Cabinet continues to convene but as of yet, the forum has not signaled if a ground forces counter-terrorism offensive will occur.

17:00: Another siren sounding in Ashkelon Coast communities.

16:58: Another wave of rockets towards Sderot, Shar HaNegev and Gaza border communities.

16:57: The IDF spokesman reports a short time ago the IAF targeted three Islamic Jihad terrorists, Mahmoud Walud, Hazm Balusha & Alla’a Abd Al-Nabi. Al-Nabi was a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist who was responsible for launching rockets capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

16:52: Sirens sounding once again in Ashkelon and Shar HaNegev communities.

16:50: Baruch Hashem Hamas has not succeeded in a “quality” attack since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. Officials feel this is frustrating terrorist commanders who are now concentrating simultaneously on the propaganda aspect of their war, beginning to release videos in Hebrew instead of Arabic.

16:46: Another wave of rockets to Lachish and Ashkelon communities.

16:44: Legal experts advise Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he may not cut water and electricity to Gaza.

16:40: Once again sirens are sounding in the greater Sderot area.

B’chasdei Hashem, the Iron Dome is exceeding all predicted operating successes, now with over a 90% success rate. One must remember, depending on factors including location and flight path, the system is not used against every incoming rocket.

In addition, it is not effective for border communities, which are simply too close and the rocket fire-to-impact time is too short.

16:33: Police spokesman Micky Levy reports the department this week arrested over 480 Arabs involved in disturbances and riots in Jerusalem and the north. 36 policepersons were injured.

16:31: Another targeted strike in Gaza. A male was eliminated riding on a motorcycle in Gaza. No additional details at this time.

16:27: At least five rockets launched to S’dot Negev area. Minutes earlier four rockets were fired. There was damage to vehicles. It appears Hamas is targeting these areas, areas close to the border that do not enjoy the benefit of the Iron Dome due to their proximity to the border.

16:26: IDF Homefront Command to begin using “Personal Alert” SMS text message system to update residents in various areas. At this stage the system will not work as a primary alert system.

16:14: Another round of rocket fire at Sderot.

16:06: The Ministry of Education announces students taking the Moed Bet math matriculation exam today will be permitted to retake a Moed Gimmel on August 7th because of the multiple rocket attacks during the exam. Students entering the IDF before the retest date will be accommodated by their school.

Sirens sounding in Ashkelon at this time. At least seven katyusha rockets have been fired. Some have been intercepted.

15:59: Bomb shelters in Mitzpei Ramon and Yerucham have been opened following the rocket attacks earlier today.

15:58: A number of vehicles were damaged in the last wave of rockets in Sderot. B’chasdei Hashem there is no loss of life or injuries.

15:57: Most analysts today believe that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi views Hamas as an enemy and that is why he is not in any hurry to intervene with Israel to negotiate a ceasefire. He will likely prefer to wait until Hamas is beaten down considerably by Israel before acting to call on Israel to agree to a ceasefire.

15:51: Emergency responders en route to a residential area where one of the rockets landed minutes ago in Sderot. B”H there are no reports of injuries.

15:48: At least five rockets were fired towards Sderot. It appears 3 were intercepted. There are no immediate reports of injuries. Therefore, it is assumed for now the others landed in open areas outside the city.

15:46: Sirens sounding in the Gaza border communities and Sderot.

15:40: Residents of Tel Aviv’s “Amal Bet” community do not have safe rooms or shelters. It is a community in dispute with the city, with the latter trying to uproot residents to clear the way for skyscrapers. Hence, the homes are not officially recognized by City Hall and therefore, they do not have shelters. The residents tried running to relatively nearby towers, large modern buildings, but security guards are ordered not to permit them to enter, Channel 10 TV News reports.

15:33: It is now being confirmed by Israel that senior Hamas commander Iman Siam was not killed. The two persons killed were Hamas terrorists but not the senior person the IAF thought was eliminated.

Sirens sounding in Ashkelon and the Eshkol Council communities at this time.

Sirens also sounding in Shar HaNegev communities.

15:14: No explosion was heard in Sderot, signaling the rockets landed in open areas outside of the cities. Other rockets fired a few minutes earlier in the Eshkol Council appear to have landed in open areas as well. B’chasdei Hashem we continue without loss of life or serious injuries.

15:12: Sirens sounding in the Shar HaNegev communities.

15:06: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

15:03: IDF Spokesman: 60 terror targets were hit since the AM in Gaza. Over 800 since beginning of the operation.

14:59: The terrorists apprehended at Oranit Junction admitted to ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents they were on their way to carrying out a terrorist attack in the Gush Dan area. More Siyata Dishmaya that the vehicle was detected!

14:57: Hamas denies that Iman Siam, its head of the rocket arsenal was assassinated in a targeted strike in Rafiach earlier today despite IDF reports he was killed.

14:35: Sirens now sounding throughout the Ashkelon and Ashdod areas.

14:31: A bomb attack was averted. Soldiers at Oranit Checkpoint on Route 5 in Shomron saw an Arab vehicle which appeared suspicious. The vehicle was heading from Shomron to inside Green Line Israel, the Gush Dan area.

An inspection revealed a gas cylinder attached to explosives intended for use in an attack.

14:25: There were two sirens in Beersheva. A number of rockets fired at Beersheva were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Sirens now sounding in the Eshkol Council communities.

14:23: The IAF earlier eliminated another senior Hamas commander. Iman Siam was the head of Hamas’ rocket firing operation. He was hit riding a two-wheeled vehicle in Rafiach earlier this afternoon. He is the most senior Hamas commander to be eliminated in Operation Protective Edge.

14:14: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

14:12: Sirens sounding in Beersheba.

13:57: Rocket fragments found in a number of Rehovot areas including Bilu Junction and near Weizmann Institute

13:54: Sirens in the Eshkol Regional Council.

13:50: Officials provide an update regarding last wave of rockets to Beersheva. Two rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome and a third landed in an open area in the Ofakim area. A total of three were fired, not four as previously believed.

13:47: Police received a call in which the caller explained his 8-year-old sister told him an Arab tried to abduct her into a vehicle by force but she managed to flee.
According to the Ynet report, roadblocks were set up in the area and police are trying to find eyewitnesses that can provide information. Area security camera footage is being checked as well.

13:42: Three rockets headed to Beersheva and a fourth towards Ofakim. The three heading to Beersheva were intercepted. B”H no reports of injuries at this time from the last wave of rockets.

13:41: Sirens sounding in Beersheva and the surrounding area.

13:39: US Embassy in Tel Aviv issued a clarification, that due to the situation it remains open but operating with a reduced staff. Officials state earlier reports to the contrary were incorrect.

13:17: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

13:14: Sirens in Yad Mordechai and Netiv HaAsarah.

13:08: Two rockets were intercepted over Ashdod.

Sirens were also heard in Lod and Ramle.

One rocket was intercepted over the S’dot Dov Council.

Sirens also sounded in the Yoav Regional Council.

13:04: At least three rockets were intercepted in the Gush Dan area Channel 10 reports but sirens were not heard in all areas. The last wave of rocket fire was heavy and there is some confusion. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of injuries at this time.

13:03: Sirens did not work in all areas it appears as there was Iron Dome activity in southern Tel Aviv but no sirens.

13:02: Sirens sounding in Ashdod, Be’er Yaakov, Rehovot and the Nachal Sorek area.

13:00: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon at this time.

12:59: 3 dead in apparent targeted hit in Jabalya in addition to earlier attack in Jabalya. Another attack at this time in Khan Yunis as well.

12:51: Sirens sounding in the S’dot and Shar HaNegev Regional Councils.

12:50: Herzliya City Hall cancels major sporting event scheduled for today due to the security situation.

12:42: Hamas Ministry of Interior instructs 1000s of Gaza residents to ignore instructions from Israel during phone calls to evacuate their homes immediately.

12:33: IDF Coordinator of Activities in the Territories Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai permits 240 people with foreign citizenship to leave Gaza.

12:17: 50 injured have been treated in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon since the start of operation, most with injuries sustained running for cover.

12:15: During Operation Protective Edge Kerem Shalom Crossing remains open and over 200 trucks of food & supplies have entered Gaza.

12:00: Egypt has permitted the opening of the Rafiach Crossing to permit transport of injured Gaza residents.

11:59: Sirens sounding in Beersheva.

11:34: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council area.

11:24: Sirens in Tel Aviv once again as well as the entire Gush Dan area.

11:20: Sirens in the Sderot and Shar HaNegev areas.

10:52: Sirens sounding in the Beersheva district.

10:43: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council

10:39: Sirens sounding in the Ashkelon Coast Council.

10:29: IDF spokesman reports 365 rockets in less than three days, averaging a rocket every 10 minutes.

10:18: Sirens once again in the S’dot and Shar HaNegev Regional Councils.

10:08: Sirens sounding in the S’dot HaNegev region.

10:05: Another siren in Mitzpei Ramon and the Yerucham areas.

10:01: Sirens sounding in the Mitzpei Ramon and Dimona areas. PA media reports a 5-year-old boy was killed in an IAF attack in Jabalya in northern Gaza.

09:47: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Region.

09:38: Police report a fire resulted from a rocket attack in the S’dot Negev Regional Council.

09:32: Ichud Hatzalah: A bus without passengers was involved in an accident along with four cars at Geha Interchange as a siren was sounding earlier in the Gush Dan region. Since most of the drivers adhered to Homefront Command instructions and they were out of their vehicles when the impact occurred, there were not many injuries. The driver of the vehicle that hit the others was moderately injured and a pregnant woman reportedly sustained light injuries. There is significant damage to the vehicles.

09:26: Sirens sounding in Netivot at this time. It appears to by many rockets based on explosions.

09:03: Loud explosions heard in Gaza City.

09:01: Sirens in Ashkelon and Netivot.

08:59: Sirens sounding in Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak, Holon, and surrounding areas.

07:51: Sirens sounding in S’dot Negev and the Ashkelon Coast Council.

07:39: The IDF during the night arrested three Hamas suspects in Yehuda and Shomron.

07:34: The IAF a short time ago killed one person and wounded another in a Gaza “security building”. The identity of the terrorists targeted has not yet been announced.

07:30: Sirens sounding in Bnei Shimon and S’dot Negev.

07:28: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol and Merchavim Regional Councils and Ofakim.

07:27: Arab media reporting seven people from one family were killed in a predawn IAF strike in Khan Yunis including four women and a child. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, thirty others were injured, adding there was no advanced warning of the strike in this case.

07:22: Senior IDF official explains many more aerial targets on the agenda. The decision regarding the entry of ground forces will be made in the next two-to-three days.

07:20: Jerusalem schools and camps will operate today. In the event of a siren, children will take cover in the safest area available to them.

07:12: Sirens sounded in the Shar HaNegev district about two minutes ago.

07:10: An Airports Authority official announced this morning that despite the ongoing situation, Ben-Gurion International Airport will operate as usual. Travelers and peoples in the airport are however instructed to adhere to instructions from IDF Homefront Command soldiers and officers in the airport. Travelers are advised to remain updated via arrival and departure information on websites. 63,000 travelers are expected to pass through the airport today.

07:07: Outgoing President Shimon Peres tells CNN that he has no doubt Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) will achieve peace.

06:50: The IDF struck 320 terrorist sites in Gaza during the night.

06:45: Over 640 terror sites have been targeted by the IDF in Gaza. Over 65 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome. B’chasdei Hashem, most rockets landed in open areas.

06:44: Over 250 rockets launched against Israel in Operation Protective Edge.

06:37: Ichud (United) Hatzalah reported at 21:30 last night it treated 53 lightly injured victims of the warfare since it began.

06:19: Sirens sounding in the Shar HaNegev Regional Council.

06:16: Massive IAF attacks against terrorists sites in Gaza.

03:15: One rocket was intercepted over Ashkelon. Three others landed in open areas.

03:00: Gaza reports seven dead in IAF strike.

02:41: Red alert sirens ringing in Ashkelon right now.

02:07: Palestinian media reports that a vehicle with the letters “TV” on it was targeted in an airstrike. The driver was reportedly killed. It should be noted that hamas uses vehicles labeled as media and uses ambulances to transport weapons all the time.

01:34: Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted rockets over Beersheva a short while ago.

01:09: Rocket explodes in Be’er Tuvia Regional Council; 10 cows killed.

00:14: Since Operation Protective Edge was launched, more than 234 rockets fell in Israel; 61 intercepted by the Iron Dome. 590 terrorist targets were attacked by the IDF / IAF.

UPDATE: 12:00AM IL: With the clock striking midnight on Wednesday evening / Thursday morning, Israel has now entered “Day 3 of Operation Protective Edge”. Stay with YWN as we continue our non-stop 24 hour news coverage – updated just seconds after an event occurs.



30 Responses


  2. 07:07: Outgoing President Shimon Peres tells CNN that he has no doubt Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) will achieve peace.

    Nebach, peres has completely lost his marbles.

  3. “Outgoing President Shimon Peres tells CNN that he has no doubt Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) will achieve peace.”

    WHAT A CLOWN !!!!!

  4. “B’chasdei Hashem we continue without loss of life or serious injuries”

    Although it is true we have to thank Hashem endleslly for this open miracle, I think it is important to keep in mind that anxiety disordes and PTSD, which could be a direct outcome of these rockets and almost continuous air sirens could be a “serious injury”.

  5. To #5: I do believe we will be able to make peace with the Palestinians. We don’t have a choice. The situation can’t continue this way forever. The balance of power might shift in favor of the Arabs, and you what will happen then. What we have to do is not do anything that will provoke their anger, like continuing settlement construction and refusing to give them a capitol in Yerushalayim. We should only do what’s necessary for our security. Then, I believe, we will see peace, BEZ”H.

  6. I think Peres did just fine telling CNN that. We are talking about CNN they are more clowny than he is. It’s political agenda.

  7. I don’t understand why Israel continues to send in food supply to Gaza, supply fuel and electricity, etc. All is fair in love and war, and the lives of our Yidden are at stake. Where does it say we have to feed our enemies. No other country would do that in time of war!

  8. 16:44: Legal experts advise Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he may not cut water and electricity to Gaza. What sport of nonsense is that? Israel is at war. Israel has no obligation to supply them with water and electricity. If they think otherwise let them sue.

  9. Perhaps all the achdus and tefillos and maasim tovim generated by the kidnapping of the three boys, Hy”d, served as some sort of “refuah” before the “makkah.” Let’s continue strongly and together with the same achdus and tefillos and maasiv tovim to protect Eretz Yisrael at this critical time. May our spiritual efforts provide Heavenly protection for the Israeli army as they do what they have to do.

  10. #10. You have to have a real peace partner to make peace. It can’t be one sided. How many times to the Arabs have to prove that they are not really interested in peace?

    If they had the upper hand, whether they made some sort of peace agreement, they would CH’V massacre us all. You are deluding yourself.

  11. We in Ramot just heard the sirens. We exited into the stairwell. We heard 5 booms, one after the other. After 10 minutes we went back in. I could see from my porch what seems to be smoke coming up above or beyond Pisgat Zeev.


  13. Insane ! How long will Israelis have to live like this before they go in & clean out these missiles
    & terrorists . ?
    The day they send in ground troops is the day the missiles will stop.

    What is the IDF waiting for ?


  15. 16:44: Legal experts advise Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he may not cut water and electricity to Gaza.

    Legal experts from Chamas no doubt. Let’s not be stupid. Destroy the water supply; the electric; the TV stations; the gas depots. Get serious.

  16. Thank you for the news and updates.

    But perhaps we should not be so hasty in our updates, as you have reported the death of two Jews (one soldier and one inside a vehicle), only to revive them (one in a correction post, and one by deleting it) within the hour.

    thank you

  17. i think peres is 100% right in my many years of dealing with cnn i know that this is exactly what they want to hear

  18. 24:24: Hamas releases a statement: ground operation is only chance to release Palestinian prisoners

    this was their plan all along, Israel has to be dumb not to figure out how to stoip this at all costs while killing as much terrorists as possible

  19. TO THE honorable trash of hamas i have different suggestion for getting your people out of jail…stop killing people i know that living in peace is a foreign concept and would lead to much unemployment if u were no longer building rockets but maybe. U.Would benefit

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