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LIVE BLOG DAY 4: Operation Protective Edge [UPDATED 9:27PM IL]


21:27: Bichasdei hashem there do not appear to be any injuries after a rocket struck a home in Be’er Sheva.

21:24: Reports of a home hit in Be’er Sheva. No word on Injuries at this time.

21:22: At least two rockets intercepted by Iron Dome over Be’er Sheva.

21:19: Palestinian media reports large explosions in Gaza; Two terrorists dead, multiple others injured. This is being reported as a rocket launcher which was targeted in an airstrike by the IAF.

21:17: Explosions heard in Gush Dan – possibly the Iron Dome intercepting rockets.

21:14: Red alerts in many areas right now including Be’er Sheva, Bat Yam and Holon.

20:49: Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Tel Aviv.

20:44: Red alerts in Holon and Bat Yam.

20:43: Red alerts now in Tel Aviv & Gush Dan area.

20:05: Sirens in Be’er Tuvia, Kiryat Malachi and Netivot.

20:02: Massive barrage of rockets now at Ashdod, Chof Ashkelon, Shaar Hanegev Regional Council and other areas. No word on any injuries.

20:00: YWN receiving dozens of texts and emails that Rav Chaim Kanievsky said to say certain tehillim due to “the IDF entering Gaza by ground”. There is no truth to any troops entering by ground at this point, and Rav Chaim never said to say any specific Tehillim.

19:58: Air raid sirens wailing in the Yavne Region Regional Council area.

19:57: Red alerts ringing in Ashdod.

19:56: Red alerts ringing in Chof Ashkelon.

19:54: The rockets fired at Be’er Sheva have exploded in open areas outside the city.

19:53: Three rockets land in open areas near Sdot Negev.

19:45: Red alerts now going off in Chof Ashkelon and surrounding areas.

19:41: Red alert now in Shar Hanegev Regional Council.

19:39: Iron Dome intercepts rocket above Netivot.

19:36: Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Sdot Negev a short while ago.

19:35: Red alert now in Shar Hanegev Regional Council.

19:33: Red alerts now ringing in Netivot.

19:32: Sirens ringing in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim.

19:23: Sirens ringing in Sderot now.

19:22: Sirens ringing in the Shaar Henegev Regional Council now.

19:14: Red alert sirens ringing now in Sdot Negev.

19:03: Rocket fragments from last attack were found on streets of Rishon L’tzion.

19:02: Two IDF soldiers sustained light injuries in the anti-tank rocket attack a short time ago near Nachal Ohz. No further information at this time.

18:58: Speaking to the media, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz  said “We remember there are civilians in Gaza. Hamas has taken them hostage… The operation will continue for as long as required to get the job done”.

18:56: An anti-tank rocket was fired at an IDF force near northern Gaza. Soldiers opened fire at the terrorists. No injuries are being reported.

The Islamic Jihad announces it fired the last two rockets at Gush Dan.

18:46: A rocket explodes in an open area in the Eshkol Council.

18:45: As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was addressing the nation; Hamas delivered its response in the form of two rockets fired at Gush Dan. Once again we merit seeing HKBH’s chessed and there are no fatalities or injuries.

After telling the media “Shabbat Shalom” and turning to leave one journalist shouted out “Can you tell us how long this will take?” The prime minister responded, “it will take time”.

18:35: Reports of two rockets just intercepted near Tel Aviv.

18:25: Sirens are ringing in Chof Ashkelon and surrounding areas.

18:24: Netanyahu: no international pressure will prevent us from operating against terrorists in Gaza

18:22: Netanyahu: We are preparing for all options including ground invasion.

18:21: Netanyahu: The goal is to restore calm and we will succeed in doing that.

18:20: Netanyahu: No nation in the world would tolerate this and I do not plan to permit residents of Israel to live under fire. We will continue striking hard at all those seeking to harm us.

18:16: Netanyahu: They shoot indiscriminately at our residents while we take great care to avoid collateral damage but yes, here and there an error occurs. We work very hard to avoid this.

18:15: Netanyahu: We are in day four of Operation and until now we have struck over 1,000 terrorist targets. The pace is twice of that of Operation Pillar of Defense. This will continue until such time the quiet will return to Israel.

18:13: PM Netanyahu will address the media from the Defense Ministry in the coming minutes.

18:08: Palestinian news reports that an IAF strike on a terror target in Northern Gaza has left several wounded.

18:01: As families are preparing for Shabbos, for many many families in southern Israel, leaving the bomb shelter is not an option for its would be accompanied by a pikuach nefesh reality. There was another attack minutes ago in Ramat Negev and Yerucham in addition to the Eshkol Regional Council. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports at present of fatalities or injuries.

17:58: It costs $50,000 not shekels for each Iron Dome rocket fired to intercept an incoming rocket.

17:57: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon, S’dot Negev and Shar HaNegev Councils.

17:45: The name of the soldier killed in the vehicular accident in Shomron is cleared for release. Staff-Sgt. Yassr Jumas, 42, of Zarzir was killed in the accident. The funeral will take place in his community cemetery at18:00.

17:10: Sirens once again in Ashkelon and the Eshkol Council area.

17:04: Another volley to the Shar HaNegev Regional Council.

17:00: IDF Spokesman: So far today, over 70 rockets were fired into Israel of which 18 were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

16:59: No injuries in Gaza border communities. There have been hit is this and other areas, but compliance with Homefront Command instructions, remaining in shelters, has undoubtedly saved lives.

More information on Shabbos “Quiet Radio Stations”. (All FM)

Jerusalem (Kol Chai: 92.8 and Kol Berama: 92.1
Homefront Command nationwide: 92.8, 92.1, 101.5. 105.7, 104.3 (sirens will sound on these stations)
Beersheva 97
Gush Dan 95.8

16:55: Sirens at this time in Gaza border communities.

16:48: The Eshkol Regional Council continues to get pounded with rockets.

16:22: Sirens are sounding now in the Eshkol Region Council area.

15:27: Sirens sounding in the Beersheva area and Ofakim.

14:59: Silent Radio Station: Due to the ongoing warfare the “silent station” known as the “Gal Sheket” will be operating on Shabbos with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Silent Radio Stations:
Rehovot: 93.3 FM
Lahavim, Meitar, Aravah and N. Mitzpei Ramon: 95.8 FM
Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ashdod and Gaza border communities: 101.5 FM
Beersheva and the surrounding area: 97 FM
Rishon L’Tzion 91.0 FM
Ashdod: 93.3 FM
Merkaz (Center of the country) 100 FM

Chessed: Ra’anana City Halls announces anyone willing to host a southern family for Shabbos please call *9107.

14:49: Sirens continue sounding in the Eshkol, S’dot Negev and Shar HaNegev Regional Councils as well as in Netivot.

14:49: Arkia and Israir are moving operations over the weekend from S’dei Dov Airport to Ben-Gurion Airport.

14:47: IDF Chief of Staff: Terrorists in Gaza made a grave mistake by attacking the people of Israel. They are bringing disaster upon themselves.

13:23: Sirens sounding in Ashdod and Gan Yavne.

13:22: A number of rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome over Ashdod.

13:19: Sirens heard in Ashdod.

13:19: Repeated sirens in Eshkol, S’dot and Shar HaNegev regions.

13:17: Two rockets were downed over Sderot. Mortar shells exploded in the Eshkol region.

13:11: Sirens heard in the Eshkol region.

12:59: Two rockets intercepted over Ashkelon. One rocket exploded in Ashkelon.

12:57: Sirens sounding in Sderot and the Ashkelon Coast region.

12:51: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon.

12:49: Sirens sounding in Netivot.

11:00: Repeated sirens in Eshkol, S’dot and Shar HaNegev regions.

10:54: The Iron Dome intercepts three rockets over Gush Dan.

10:33: The Lebanese Army announces three rockets were fired into Israel. When soldiers searched the launch area they found and dismantled two additional rockets that were ready for launch.

10:31: MDA reports a total of 8 wounded in the Ashdod gas station attack including a male with serious injuries from shrapnel.

09:23: Rocket attacks to the Eshkol, S’dot Negev and Shar HaNegev Regional Councils continue. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of fatalities or injuries.

09:02: Over 30 rockets fired into Israel since the morning hours. Most of the rockets were directed at Rehovot, Rishon L’Tzion, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Two soldiers wounded in a mortar attack on Thursday remain in Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva. One is in an ICU in serious condition. The condition of the second is reported to be light.

08:44: Ichud Hatzalah operating at the gas tanker scene reports the gas tanker is still ablaze as firefighters fight to bring the situation under control. There are a number of other vehicles in the gas station complex that are ablaze too. EMT Avi Amar, among those arriving first on the scene adds the fist units that arrived on the scene pulled the driver out of the burning truck, thereby saving his life.

Some firemen are concentrating on the area of the station’s underground tanks, working to keep the area cool and the flames from the truck as far away as possible.

08:36: Three people were wounded in the rocket attack at the Ashdod gas station. The MDA district commander reports one victim is in very serious condition, one moderate and one light. They were transported from the scene to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot. MDA and other emergency personnel are checking a nearby nursing home to make certain there are no more injured.

08:26: The rocket struck a gas tanker heading to an Ashdod gas station. The tanker is several tens of meters from the station and the fire department is working hard to prevent the flames from spreading to the gas station. EMS units are treating one person in critical condition. All of this is taking place while rocket fire in the area continues.

08:14: A short time ago, a heavy barrage of rockets was launched to many areas including Eshkol, Shar HaNegev, S’dot HaNegev Regional Council, Ashkelon and the area, Ashdod, Rishon L’Tzion, Rehovot, and Kiryat Malachi.

Reports from Ashdod confirm a rocket made a direct hit to a gas station. Emergency responders are operating on the scene, treating the injured.

07:36: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

07:35: IDF artillery is being directed into S. Lebanon in response to the early morning rocket attack.

07:33: Sirens sounded in Ashdod two minutes ago. Sirens sounding in Nir Yitzchak at this time.

20,000 liters of gasoline is being permitted into Gaza this morning by Israel.

07:30: US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro spoke with Israel Radio in Hebrew this morning. He stressed that “Hamas is a terrorist organization. The US knows very well what Hamas is and the US will not speak or deal with Hamas”. The ambassador stressed America stands behind Israel’s right to defend herself.

Shapiro added that the coalition government in the PA (Palestinian Authority) is another matter because PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) remains committed to the Quarter Nations decisions and the two state solution. He added that “there are no Hamas appointed ministers in the coalition government”.

07:22: Israel Radio military correspondent Carmella Menashe reports a senior IDF officer say Hamas had 350 long range missiles, of which one-third has already been destroyed by the IDF.

The Security Cabinet convened for seven hours in the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv as the minister continue the difficult decision-making process.

07:05: Fearing Islamic violence, police are restricting entry to Har Habayis today, the second Friday of Ramadan. Men 50 and over with Israeli identity cards will be permitted. Any men younger or without ID cards will be banned. There are no restrictions for women.

07:02: Rocket fragments have been located east of Kiryat Shmona. It is feared the rockets were fired from Lebanon.

06:58: Iron Dome intercepts rockets over the Merchavim district and Netivot earlier. In the Shar HaNegev area rockets landed in open areas.

06:57: The IAF targeted 50 terrorist sites in Gaza during the night.

06:56: Gaza: 90 dead and 661 injured since the beginning of the operation.

06:51: If you are traveling or meeting an incoming flight, check schedules as there are changes in takeoffs and landings at Ben-Gurion International Airport. This is primarily because the air force has taken additional air lanes to accommodate ongoing air strikes in Gaza.

06:45: IDF Spokesman: Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, 548 rockets have been fired at Israel, of which 118 were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

06:38: Channel 10 News confirms rockets landed in Metula area. B’chasdei Hashem there are no fatalities or injuries.

Gaza reports major IAF strike. Five dead and 15 wounded.

06:36: Sirens sounded a minute ago in Ofakim, Netivot and the surrounding areas.

06:35: Sirens sounding in Sderot.

06:34: MK Moshe Feiglin advocates cutting off electricity and water to Gaza rather than sending ground force in.

06:31: Sirens sounding in Beersheva and the surrounding area.

06:30: Sirens sounding in Sderot and the Shar HaNegev district.

06:21: A 70-year-old woman died during the night on her way to a shelter in her Wadi Nisnas home in Haifa during as the siren sounded. A Magen David Adom paramedic team arrived on the scene and performed resuscitative efforts, albeit without success.

While sirens sounded during the night in Haifa and Hadera, it remains uncertain if rockets were launched towards those cities.

06:17: The IDF is checking into reported explosions in the Metula area, possibly a rocket attack from Lebanon.

03:31: Sirens ringing in Zichron Yakov, and Binyamina.

02:03: Sirens going off now in Sedot Negev.

01:21: Red alert sirens sounding in Ashkelon now.

00:38: Multiple explosions sounding once again in Gaza, Israeli Air Force continues operation following massive rocket attacks.

00:34: President Obama just spoke with Israeli PM Netanyahu by phone regarding situation in Israel.

00:31: Fears of terrorist infiltration near Eilat bay, searching for four suspects, major manhunt for 4 terrorists, shot fire sounded.

00:07: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emerged from a security cabinet meeting at the end of Operation Protective Edge’s third day saying the campaign would continue and expand. Read the full remarks published on the YWN Homepage.

00:05: Since start of Operation Protective Edge, Magen David Adom Emergency Services says it has treated 123 wounded people: 1 seriously; 2 lightly to moderately; 19 lightly; and 101 people suffering from shock.

00:01: Large explosions are being reported in the Gaza Strip as the IAF conducts airstrikes against numerous terror targets.

UPDATE: 12:00AM IL: With the clock striking midnight on Thursday evening / Friday morning, Israel has now entered “Day 4 of Operation Protective Edge”. Stay with YWN as we continue our non-stop 24 hour news coverage – updated just seconds after an event occurs.




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  2. Israel still supplies electricity and water? How insane is that? Unbelievable! I never realized how wimpy Bibi was I guess it’s a new , kinder war Shame on him! Shutting off everything should have been the first thing done.

  3. Can you please remove advertisement from this live blog that is talking about matters that life depends on? I don’t thing ads fit very well into the theme of this blog.

  4. Suggest that you specify which Rova in Ashdod is involved so that those of us with family/friends there can be reassured or, chalila, make further inquiries. Same for other cities.

  5. 20,000 liters of gasoline is being permitted into Gaza this morning by Israel. Hopefully mixed with sea water. Alternatively with a GPS tracker so that the tanker can be blown up when it is safely inside the terrorist entity.

  6. Since we are not capable of making a correct psychological diagnosis over the internet, it would NOT be appropriate to use a clinical term such as acute psychological trauma.

  7. The name of the wounded soldier is Mordechai Chai ben Bracha Yehudit. I don’t have any more info…

  8. “Shapiro added that the coalition government in the PA (Palestinian Authority) is another matter because PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) remains committed to the Quarter Nations decisions and the two state solution.”

    Like I said, this Obama apologist, Dan Shapiro, should be given a one way plane ticket back to Illinios. Anyone that worked for Sandy Burglar, oops I mean Sandy Berger, can not be trusted.
    Hey Shapiro, you don’t like the sound of those sirens, eh? Its making you nervous?

  9. seeing two updates the silent radio station operating on shabbos for updates and the one about hosting families for shabbos brings to mind the passuk “mi k’mocha b’ailim Hashem (ailim should be read ilmim (mute)

  10. If the bombs and bullets came with a one way ticket and a small gift for the Arabs that wish to leave I could support this deal. To spill their blood like water as an act of hysteria in the upteenth search and destroy mission, is obscene. If the Jews are powerful enough to launch this operation, they’re powerful enough to say good-bye. To maintain a delusion and try to convince them to be good friends and neighbors is absurd.

  11. Neither “hysteria”, which is a highly demeaning term. After someone has her house bombed, the correct term would be shock or acute stress disorder, not “hysteria”.

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